Festival de Cortos de Caracas, CHORTS (0)

CHORTS, Caracas Short Film Fest


15 6월 2013
출품 요청

15 8월 2013
영화제 마감

21 10월 2013

25 11월 2013
29 11월 2013


La Castellana,  1060, Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela

영화제 개요
단편 영화제 30'<

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 Music Video
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 제작일: 기타
 제작 국가: 기타
 촬영 국가: 기타
 감독 국적: 기타
 데뷔 영화 
 학교 프로젝트 
 단편영화  30'<
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1) Best Venezuelan Short Film: all equipment for producing the next short film, including sound design and DCP.

2) Festhome CHORTS Award for Best International Short Film: 75 credits for submissions of the winning shortfilm via Festhome.

1. Films must meet the following conditions
a. Made after January, 2011.
b. Projection format is film or digital (DCP or BluRay)
c. There are no requirements on the registration form, capture or recording of the film.
d. Spoken in Spanish or with subtitles in this language.

2. Registration has no fee

3. Films can be any genre: fiction, documentary and animation, with a maximum of 30 minutes.

4. Participants must register their (s) short film (s) via festhome.

5. Each participant may enter as many short as they wish

6. The organizing committee reserves the right to use the short presentations and promotions of the festival or sample scenes or passages written notice received by email the director or producer of the work.

7. All films participating in the Special Audience Prize and every one from the above technical and artistic.



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