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01 3월 2019
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30 8월 2018
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15 9월 2019

16 11월 2019
17 11월 2019


Rousseaustrasse 32 ,  8037 , Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

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 1월 2018
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영화제 시작: 16 11월 2019      영화제 끝: 17 11월 2019

Films will be screened in the following categories:

I. Feature-length Documentary & Fiction Film (50 minutes or more)

II. Short Film (documentary, fiction, animation and musical videos) (up to 50 minutes)

III. Scientists-as-Filmmakers (up to 30 minutes)

Clarifications about the categories

Films about all scientific disciplines are considered
Categories I & II: national and international films
Category III: Swiss short films made by young scientists, research institutes or universities

A professional jury, consisting of filmmakers
and scientists, will evaluate the films and
determine the winners of each category.

. The Global Science
Film Festival winning films of each category will be awarded with a “Walking Ibex”. The “Walking Ibex” imitates Alberto Giacometti's style in the iconic sculpture “Walking Man; L'Homme qui marche I”.

All films finished after 01 January 2018 are eligible for entry.

Films can be of any discipline, length, and format as long as they fit into one of the listed categories. A category has to be indicated for each submitted entry.

Films in all languages are accepted.

English and German subtitles, if they are not the languages of the film, are highly recommended

Film submission starts on the 1st of March 2019

Submissions are free of charge.

Please submit your films online

Instructions for film submission are here



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