Humor En Corto - Umorea Labur (22)

Festival de cortometrajes de humor de Arrigorriaga


01 8월 2023
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05 12월 2023
표준 마감일

25 10월 2023
늦은 마감일

05 12월 2023
영화제 마감

05 2월 2024

11 12월 2023
16 12월 2023


Paseo Urgoiti nº3,  48480, Arrigorriaga, Bizkaia, Spain 스페인

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Photo of Humor En Corto - Umorea Labur
Photo of Humor En Corto - Umorea Labur

Photo of Humor En Corto - Umorea Labur
Photo of Humor En Corto - Umorea Labur


영화제 시작: 11 12월 2023      영화제 끝: 16 12월 2023

Humor en Corto - Humor in Short

The XXII edition of Arrigorriaga's humor short film festival, the oldest in Spain.

This year we open an international section.

Between December 11 and 16, 2023, in Lonbo Aretoa, Arrigorriaga, Spain.

BEST SPANISH SHORT FILM: 1000€ + Txantxarri.


AUDIENCE AWARD: 600€ + Txantxarri.

YOUTH AWARD: 600€ + Txantxarri.

BEST DIRECTION: 500€ + Txantxarri.

BEST PERFORMANCE: 300€ + Txantxarri.

LANBARRI KULTUR ELKARTEA announces the twenty-second edition of "HUMOR EN CORTO / UMOREA LABUR", the Arrigorriaga humor short film contest, which will be held from December 11 to 16, 2023 and will be governed according to the following bases:


1- Short films that belong to the HUMOR genre may compete in the contest. Fulfilling this requirement, the call is open to any filmmaker. The theme of the short films is free, as is the technique in which they have been made (real image, animation, infographics,...). The short films spoken in a language other than Basque or Spanish must be sent subtitled in Spanish or Basque. All short films must include a file with English subtitles.

2- Films shot in any format may be submitted to the Contest, as long as they have a minimum quality and have been produced after January 1, 2022.

3- The works presented will compete in the different Official Sections, depending on the place of production: KARKAR (Basque), JAJA (Spanish), HAHA (International).

4- The maximum duration of the films in the competition will not exceed in any case 25 minutes, credits included.

5- Each author may present the number of short films they want.

6- The selected films will be projected from a Hard Disk, for which the selected ones will be asked to send the short films in files encoded in h.264 and with full HD 1920x1080p resolution. The screening location will be at the "Lonbo Aretoa" in Arrigorriaga - Bizkaia, at C/ Paseo Urgoiti Nº 3.

7- Registration must be made before October 15, 2023.

8- Ways of submitting the work for viewing: IT CAN ONLY BE SUBMITTED ONLINE through the platform:

The projection copy will also be sent online, via download file.

9- The organization reserves the right to possible use of the pics or videos (of no more than one minute duration) in advertising and dissemination of the Festival, including the website and social networks.

AUDIENCE AWARD €600 + Txantxarri
YOUTH AWARD €600 + Txantxarri
BEST DIRECTOR €500 + Txantxarri
BEST PERFORMANCE €300 + Txantxarri

(The youth prize will be awarded by the students of the Arrigorriaga Institute during the sessions that will be offered to them during school hours)

11- All prizes will be subject to withholdings established by current regulations.

12- The resolution of the selection committee will be notified to all the participants.

13- The Closing Ceremony will be held in Lonbo Aretoa (Arrigorriaga) on Saturday, December 16, 2023. The festival will facilitate the presence of the winners.

14- The jury, which will be appointed by the organization, will be made up of people related to the world of short films and culture. The jury reserves the right to declare any of the prizes void and its decision will be irreversible.


15- The fact of participating in the contest implies the acceptance of its bases.

16- The registration costs of the film will be borne by the participating person.

17- The authors of the works selected for the contest will be invited to present their short film, with subsequent q&a. The festival will facilitate the accommodation of the guests.

18- The people responsible for the short films participating in the festival must be in possession of all the rights of the works presented.

19- Any additional information or clarification will be provided by mail, telephone or email addressed to the Festival Headquarters or to

20- The official profiles of the festival through which you can find out about the latest news are the following: and

21- LANBARRI KULTUR ELKARTEA reserves the right to modify any of the points of the contest in order to improve the management of the festival and for the good of the participants, the public and the team.



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