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13 4월 2018
출품 요청

12 8월 2018
영화제 마감

12 9월 2018

12 10월 2018
28 10월 2018


Herrera y Cairo 1493,  44600, Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico

영화제 개요
Terror, horror, suspense, science fiction or fantasy
단편 영화제 >1' 30'<

영화제 참가요건
 Music Video
 모든 테마
 출품비 있음
 국제 영화제
 실제 위치
 1월 2016
 제작 국가: 기타
 촬영 국가: 기타
 감독 국적: 기타
 데뷔 영화 
 학교 프로젝트 
 단편영화  >1' 30'<
Spanish English
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Photo of Tenebra Film Fest
Photo of Tenebra Film Fest
Photo of Tenebra Film Fest
Photo of Tenebra Film Fest


영화제 시작: 12 10월 2018      영화제 끝: 28 10월 2018

Film Festival held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico , specializing in spreading terror , suspense , science fiction and fantasy , focused on the cinema and the various artistic disciplines that exist emphasis on the entertainment part with commitment that the public receives in each of our events , a real fun and enriching experience.

TENEBRA FILM FEST this 2018 will deliver the following awards:

a) Statuette "El Charro Negro" for the best international short film.
b) "La Llorona de Plata" statuette for the best Latin American short film.
c) Statuette "La Bruja de Bronce" to the best National short film.
d) Presse "Emblem Tenebra" for the best short film Tapatío.
e) Honorable mentions in case the jury considers it so.

The third edition of Tenebra Film Fest that will take place from 13 to 28 October 2018 in the City of Guadalajara, opens its call for them to register their short films and be part of the programming of this film event.

Bases of participation.

1, - National and international short films can be registered.

2.-The short films must have been produced between the years 2016 and 2018.

3.- The minimum duration must be 1 minute and works of more than 30 minutes will not be accepted.

4.- Shorts of any of these genres may be registered: Terror, horror, suspense, science fiction, fantasy or bizarre, as well as any variant or conjunction of these genres.

5.- Its final format must be digital.

6.- A copy of the work must be submitted in one of the following formats: mov, mp4.

7.- Attached to the short film should go:

a.- Technical sheet.
b.- Images of the short and / or poster.
c.- Data of who delivers (Director, producer, scriptwriter, etc.)
d.- Trailer or teaser of the short film.
e.- Letter authorizing Tenebra Film Fest to exhibit its short film.
(Here the link to authorization letter for download)

8.- All works done in a language other than Spanish must have subtitles in Spanish or English.

9.- Short films filmed for promotional purposes will not be accepted.

10.-The shorts will be received from the moment of publication of this call and until July 31, 2018.

11.-The registration fee for short films is $ 2 USD

* All the short films selected will be given a certificate of participation in Tenebra Film Fest.

* Tenebra Film Fest assumes the cost of sending the prize to any part of the world in case the winner can not attend the award ceremony, however, it is not responsible for any extra charge and / or tariff generated by customs from any country.


TENEBRA FILM FEST this year 2018 will receive 6 feature films invited out of competition, which for the sole fact of being selected will receive a surprise prize and will be exhibited in the best venues in Guadalajara, to propose any and / or receive more information about it please write to the mail ...

* All participants fully accept these rules, as well as the resolutions adopted by the TENEBRA FILM FEST Committee in any situation not foreseen in this call. Decisions regarding the process of selection and awarding of the winning short film will be made by the Jury appointed by the organizing committee of TENEBRA FILM FEST.

* The resolutions of both the Jury and the organizing committee will be unappealable



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