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15 9월 2014
출품 요청

20 5월 2015
영화제 마감

01 6월 2015

02 6월 2015
04 6월 2015


-,  16802, Huntingdon, PA, United States

영화제 개요
단편 영화제 40'<
장편 영화제 180'<

영화제 참가요건
 Music Video
 모든 장르
 모든 테마
 출품비 있음
 국제 영화제
 실제 위치
 1월 2004
 제작 국가: 기타
 촬영 국가: 기타
 감독 국적: 기타
 데뷔 영화 
 학교 프로젝트 
 단편영화  40'<
 장편영화  180'<
소셜 네트워크에서 공유


영화제 시작: 02 6월 2015      영화제 끝: 04 6월 2015

The Cinema Monster is an international festival of films and animations, and it has become one the largest cinema event in the American East.

The Cinema Monster Film Festival is open to competitors from all-over the world with no exceptions. The Festival accept short films, animated films, experimental films and documentary films. All topics are welcome!

Best Short Film - $150
Best Animated Film - $150
Best Experimental Film - $150
Best Feature Film - $150
Best Director - $100
Best Art Direction - $100
Critic's Choice Award - $100
Audience Choice Award - $100

All films must either be in English or include English subtitles.

Entries must be available for screening at the festival on DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital file.

If your film is selected for screening, The Cinema Monster Film Festival reserves the right to promote it in media campaigns and to reproduce the film for internal and/or promotional use.



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