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16 9월 2014
출품 요청

30 9월 2014
영화제 마감

18 10월 2014

29 11월 2014
14 12월 2014


Unit 301 Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock ,  7925, Cape Town, WC, South Africa

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영화제 시작: 29 11월 2014      영화제 끝: 14 12월 2014

The Wavescape Festival was born of a love of surfing and surf culture, and the simple idea of sharing these good feelings with an audience. Ten years on, we present a range of film, music and art events in South Africa, Reunion & New York, all with the aim of having fun, building community and promoting conservation.

Wavescape Festival is run purely from sponsorship, therefore we cannot afford to pay screening fees. We screen the festival in two cities in South Africa - Durban in July and Cape Town in December. Films submitted will be screened at both. Wavescape to be given permission by filmmakers to use stills and info about the film for media purposes and images on social media, website etc.



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