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16 Mai 2022

31 Jul 2022
Festival fechado

15 Set 2022
Data de Notificação

12 Nov 2022
04 Dez 2022


Calle arroyo 3,,  45190, Nambroca, Toledo, Spain

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Festival de curtas-metragens >3' 17'<

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 Janeiro 2021
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 Curtas-metragens  >3' 17'<
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Photo of Nambrocorto
Photo of Nambrocorto

Photo of Nambrocorto
Photo of Nambrocorto


Início do Festival: 12 Novembro 2022      Fim do Festival: 04 Dezembro 2022

The Nambrocorto festival is the short film festival in Nambroca, a municipality located a few minutes from the city of Toledo and which this year faces its seventh consecutive edition with activities, workshops and the now traditional short film contest, a week dedicated to the seventh art in the municipality of Toledo that aims to stand out for its affinity with culture.

4 prizes are established:

First prize: €500 + Statuette

Second prize: €450 + Statuette

Third prize: €400 + Statuette

Audience Award: €300 + Statuette

VII Nambrocorto short film festival 2022

If you are of legal age and reside in Spain (regardless of your nationality/sex/race), you can participate. Each director can present a maximum of two works. In case of co-addresses the rules are the same. Registration for the festival is FREE.

The genre of the festival is free. The minimum duration is 3 minutes, and the maximum is 17 minutes, including credits. Your short film must have been produced in 2021 or 2022 and not have participated in previous editions of Nambrocorto. If your short film has dialogues or texts in a language other than Spanish, it must be subtitled in SPANISH.

4 prizes are established:
First prize: €500 + Statuette
Second prize: €450 + Statuette
Third prize: €400 + Statuette
Audience Award: €300 + Statuette

The call to send the short films will be open on May 16, 2022 and will be closed on July 31, 2022

A selection of 40 short films will be made, whose list will be published on the web: on September 15, 2022. Those selected will also be notified by email where they will be sent the laurel that accredits them as selected from the Nambrocorto 2022 festival. .

From among all those selected, the jury will choose 10 NOMINATED FINALISTS who will be screened on the day of the award ceremony and who will compete for the 4 prizes. This list will be published on the festival website on October 31, 2022, and they will be notified by email, where they will be sent the laurel of finalists of the Nambrocorto 2022 festival.

The festival will be held in November 2022 at the facilities of the Fuentevieja Cultural Center in Nambroca, Toledo. You can see the schedule on the festival website, where the dates of activities and award ceremony will be announced in due course.

The deadline for submitting short films is July 31, 2022 and you have 2 ways to submit your short film:

By completing this form, by clicking here, remember, you must have your short film uploaded to Vimeo, YouTube, or a similar platform and send the access codes so that the jury can view your short film.

Also if you prefer you can register it through the FESTHOME platform by clicking here

The directors/producers of the short films that are selected will be notified by email and will receive instructions on how they should send their short film in MP4 or MOV format.

The submission of any short film implies the acceptance of these bases and therefore the director's assumption of responsibility regarding the image and sound rights of his audiovisual work. You also expressly accept that: The Nambrocorto 2022 Short Film Festival may screen your short film during the duration of the festival in the rooms or screens that the Nambrocorto 2022 festival deems necessary for its development.

The directors of the winning short films (or a representative of their work) must attend the festival on the day of the award ceremony. Otherwise, they will not receive the trophy or the financial prize. Travel and accommodation expenses may not be covered by the festival.

The festival reserves the right to annul any short film for violation of human rights, incitement to hatred, lack of respect, non-compliance with the rules or other reasons that the organization considers. Likewise, the organization is not responsible for a possible cancellation of the festival or change in the bases of the festival for reasons of force majeure.

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail:



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