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piazza indipedenza 7,  56012, Calcinaia, Pisa, Italy

Описание фестиваля
фестиваль короткометражных фильмов >1' 20'<

Требования фестиваля
 Любой Жанр
 Любая тема
 Имеет плату за заявки
 Международный фестиваль
 Физическое расположение
 Дата производства: Любое
 Страны производители: Любое
 Страны, где снимали фильм: Любое
 Национальности режиссеров: Любое
 Школьные проекты 
 Короткометражные фильмы  >1' 20'<
 Любой язык
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Photo of Smallmovie Festival
Photo of Smallmovie Festival
Photo of Smallmovie Festival
Photo of Smallmovie Festival


Фестиваль начинается: 17 Ноябрь 2018      Фестиваль заканчивается: 18 Ноябрь 2017

The Festival aims at promoting expressive and artistic short film’s form giving visibility to new authors, enhancing and promoting the products of the film industry and foster the exchange and comparison of experience among filmmakers.

the prizes are so divided:
a) Section “Short” - Best Short € 250,00 (two hundred and fifty) + award plaque
b) Section “Under 35” - Best Short € 250,00 (two hundred and fifty) + award plaque
The Festival Board, at its sole discretion, may give special awards.

SMALLMOVIE FESTIVAL International Short Film Competition November 17th, 2018
The Festival is organized by “Metrovideo” Cultural Association under the patronage of Calcinaia (Pisa) Municipality and it is aimed at fiction and animation short films.
The festival will take place on November 17, 2018 at Calcinaia (Pisa – Italy).
Smallmovie Festival is an International short film competition that provides 2 sections:
A) Short: Section open to short films of any kind and subject, with a maximum duration of 20 minutes, opening credits and closing credits included.
B) Under 35: Section open to short films of any kind and subject created by directors who, at the time of the deadline of this announcement, have not yet completed 35 years. Maximum duration of 20 minutes, opening credits and closing credits included.
The Festival Management will appoint a jury to choose the winners and award prizes. The jury’s decisions are unappealable.

The form for entering the competition, together with the despatch of the short film, must be received by September 15, 2018. Such a term is mandatory, subscription requests and / or works received after that date will not be considered.

The inclusion of short film necessarily involves the deposit of any material submitted, and the ability to use them for educational purposes, research and promotion, even in locations and situations different from that of the Festival, excluding any commercial use.
c) The materials that are received incomplete and / or illegible entries will not be taken into account. Organization shall not be liable for late delivery, incorrect transcription of addresses and / or content made unavailable video from the web, technical problems and other causes beyond its control that could spoil or prevent the successful registration of a work to the Festival.
d) The shorts must preferably have subtitles in Italian. However, we also accept short films with English subtitles.
10. FEE
a) For each short film registered at the Festival, is expected to contribute a fee. It is understood that in case of non-selection of the work the membership fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.
In case of non submission of the short film,the fee will not be refunded.
Once you have made the payment you will have to send the dialogue list with timecode (preferably in Italian or alternatively in English) to the following email address, with the subject "title, and author".
By entering the competition each author is responsible for the content of his works. The author also declares and guarantees that the rights of the work, in its entirety, they are his property and does not infringe the rights of third parties, such as other authors, subjects portrayed, transferees of rights, music rights, etc.. If the work presented content is not owned by the person participating in the festival he agrees to take all releases and permissions necessary for participation in the festival itself.
In any case, the festival partecipants and / or authors of the works, undertake to indemnify the cultural association Smallmovie from any claim, request for damages and / or expenses advanced by anyone.
In its final judgment, the Festival Management will select the works listed and determine which works admit the competition. The works accepted and any changes to the program will be communicated to interested parties via e-mail and posting on the website means (in the case of any discrepancy shall prevail as published on the above website). The dates and times of the screenings are the responsibility of the Festival Management.
The prizes must be collected only by the winner or his or her delegate.
a) The application for admission to the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of this Regulation.
b) The direction of the Festival can take decisions on matters not covered by this Regulation.
c) The agreement to participate in the Festival by those who have entered the work involves a commitment to make available, the short film for at least four public screenings of the film and not to withdraw once entered the competition.
d) The regulation of the Festival is available on the official website, is also available Facebook page to stay updated on the Festival (
e) For any questions please send an e-mail to
f) All disputes shall be submitted to the Court of Pisa.

The undersigned declares to accept the rules in all its parts, have full legal and physical availability of the film and to allow the public projection without compensation, freeing the organization of the Festival Smallmovie and cinemas in charge of the projections from any present and future responsibility. Authorize the processing of personal data pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 196/2003.



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