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01 мар 2021
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22 авг 2021
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01 сен 2021
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05 сен 2021
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02 окт 2021
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29 окт 2021
01 ноя 2021


Calle Tarragona,  17480, Roses, Girona, Spain

Описание фестиваля
фестиваль короткометражных фильмов >3' 20'<

Требования фестиваля
 Имеет плату за заявки
 Национальный фестиваль
 Физическое расположение
 Январь 2018
 Страны производители: Любое
 Страны, где снимали фильм: Любое
 Национальности режиссеров: Любое
 Школьные проекты 
 Короткометражные фильмы  >3' 20'<
 Любой язык
Catalan Spanish
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Photo of BaiDeFest Roses
Photo of BaiDeFest Roses
Photo of BaiDeFest Roses
Photo of BaiDeFest Roses


Фестиваль начинается: 29 Октябрь 2021      Фестиваль заканчивается: 01 Ноябрь 2021

Short film festival of fantasy and horror in the town of Roses (Spain), open to all types of filmmakers, professionals or amateurs. The festival is celebrated from October 29 to November 01, 2021. We accept shorts of genre Fantastic, Terror, Animation, Gore, Freak and Trash.

It is awarded to the best short film of the Festival
* 200 euros, Trophy
It is awarded to the best genre short Fantastic
*Trophy and BaiDeFest lot
It is awarded to the best genre short Horror
*Trophy and BaiDeFest lot
It is awarded to the best Animation short
*Trophy and BaiDeFest lot
It is awarded to the best short themed Freak
*Trophy and BaiDeFest lot
It is awarded to the best short amateur
*Trophy and BaiDeFest lot
*Trophy and BaiDeFest lot

* We accept short films of fantastic genre, horror, freak no more than 20 minutes.

* The shorts presented must have been made between 2018 and 2021.

* The works can be shot in any format but they can only be presented in MP4 through the official platforms that work with the festival.

* The opening of the deadline for receiving the works will be from March 01 to September 05, 2021.

* The works that are not in Spanish or Catalan, will have to be subtitled in those languages. Subtitling material must be provided no later than one month before the start of the festival, otherwise the works may be rejected and replaced.

* Each short film will have to be accompanied by: -Title, -duration, -A year, -Sinopsis, -Country and shooting location, -language, -Director, -Actors, -Producer, -Cartel and frame, -Email, -Phone , -Address

* The festival is open to all types of filmmakers, whether professionals or amateurs.

* The works will be examined by the Bai de Fest team to participate in the Festival, if any immoral conduct is observed, they will not be admitted to the contest.

* The shorts will be divided into different categories and choose different prizes:
-Best Short of the Festival (Iris de Oro) Prize of 200 euros, Trophy and lot BaiDeFest.
-Best Great Short (Green Iris) Trophy and BaiDeFest lot.
-Best Terror Short (Red Iris) Trophy and BaiDeFest lot.
-Best Animation Short (Eyemation) Trophy and BaiDeFest lot.
-Best Short freak or Trash (Almanegra) Trophy and BaiDeFest lot.
-Best Short amateur (Little Big Eye) BaiDeFest lot.
-Public Award. Trophy and BaiDeFest lot.
-Honorific mention. Lot BaiDeFest.

*The Trophies will be presented on the day of the award ceremony, if they cannot be collected at the festival, only the trophy will be mailed, the Baidefest lots are not mailed. If in a month there is no news of the winner, the trophy will not be sent.

* The selected works will be those that opt ​​for the prizes of the contest and will be exhibited in our festival. This selection will be notified by email.

* The works can be sent through the Festhome platform and will have a registration fee of 1,5€ for each short film and 2 euros the last weeks.

* The Catalan production short films selected for the contest at the BaiDeFest Festival that belong to the genres of horror or fantasy will choose, the following year, the 'Premis TAC' the best Catalan short films of the genre awarded by the Federation of Cinematographic Entities Cinèfiles Terror Arreu de Catalunya.

* The organization of the reserves the possibility of making projections in other festivals, or samples with which collaborations are established. In these cases it will be informed that they are works presented in the BaiDeFest Short Film Festival.

* Those responsible for the works, which include the participation of third parties, must have the corresponding authorizations for their exhibition. The festival declines all responsibility regarding the rights of image of the works.

* The decision of the jury is unappealable.

* The official selection and the finalists will be published on the web and on our social networks two weeks before the start of the festival.

* All the short films received will be included in the festival's video library, the organization reserves the right to partially or totally use the material presented for the purpose of promoting the festival and the Federació d'Entitats Cinèfiles Terror Arreu de Catalunya, always without spirit profit.

* The registration of the work implies that these bases are accepted, failure to comply with said requirements will leave the short film out of competition.



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