Festival International De Cinéma Et De Mémoire Commune – Nador, Maroc (9)


03 Mär 2020
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15 Apr 2020
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30 Apr 2020

22 Jun 2020
27 Jun 2020


74 - rue Ibn Khaldoun - App 2 - 2 Eme etage Place d'armes ,  50000, Meknès, Meknès, Morocco

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Photo of Festival International De Cinéma Et De Mémoire Commune – Nador, Maroc
Photo of Festival International De Cinéma Et De Mémoire Commune – Nador, Maroc

Photo of Festival International De Cinéma Et De Mémoire Commune – Nador, Maroc
Photo of Festival International De Cinéma Et De Mémoire Commune – Nador, Maroc


Festival Start: 22 Juni 2020      Festival Ende: 27 Juni 2020

Since 2012, the International Festival of Cinema and Collective Memory (FICMEC), organized by the Center of Collective Memory for Democracy and Peace (CMCDP), has become an annual event for the citizens of Nador, Morocco, and the surrounding regions, enabling them to to rub shoulders with a plethora of world-renowned actors and to enjoy feature films and documentaries from filmmakers from all over the world, treating themes of human rights, democrary, and individual as well as collective memory. It also aims to create a cultural dynamic in this part of Morocco, helping to contribute to its sustainable development.
The FICMEC joins public screenings and film debates with reflections on current and universal issues through conferences and round tables, animated by film specialists, academic researchers, politicians and media professionals
Nador is a coastal city in the northeastern Rif region of Morocco. Its strategic position south of Melilla, an autonomous Spanish city in North Africa, has made it a crossroads for refugees and people leaving countries with poor economies attemptestivalcinemanador.com/accueil.phping to cross the Mediterranean to enter the European Union.


Short films:

-Moulins SABA Grand Prize

Documentary films:

-Grand Prize

-Foundation of Three Cultures Prize

Feature films:

-FICMEC Grand Prize

-Prize for Best Scenario

-Prize for Best Actor

-Prize for Best Actress

According to the rules governing the organization of film festivals in Morocco, several non-competitive films will be shown to the public throughout the festival.

Terms and conditions

Participation in the festival is subject to the following conditions:

-The completed enrollment form (available on the website: festivalcinemanador.com/accueil.php) must be sent before April 15, 2020.

- A copy of the film in DVD or Blu-ray (subtitled in French), accompanied by a technical sheet and photographs of the film and its director, must be sent by post. These will not be returned.

-A list of the selected films will be communicated to participants by April 30, 2020.

-The legal representatives of the films selected must confirm their participation within the week following notification of acceptance in the festival.

1. The goal of FICMEC is to create a platform for debate through films treating the theme of collective memory and to contribute to a better understanding of "the other" in a climate of peace, tolerance, fairness and respect for human rights.

2. The 9th edition of the festival will focus on the theme: " The memory of the future: how cinema can promote the processes of reconciliation and the culture of peace

3. Festival dates: June 22nd – 27th, 2020

4. The films in competition will be divided into the following categories:

* Short films (free theme)

* Feature film (free theme)

* Documentary on the theme of the festival.

5. The films should be submitted in DVD and Blu-ray with French subtitles. A committee composed of members from both FICMEC and CMCDP will select the films for the official competition.



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