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28 Jun 2018
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20 Nov 2018
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05 Dez 2018

13 Dez 2018
14 Dez 2018


Calle Inesperada 1, 13179.,  13179, Pozuelo de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, Spain

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Kurzfilmfestival 30'<
Spielfilmfestival 150'<

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Photo of Atlantis Film Awards
Photo of Atlantis Film Awards
Photo of Atlantis Film Awards
Photo of Atlantis Film Awards


Festival Start: 13 Dezember 2018      Festival Ende: 14 Dezember 2018

Atlantis Film Awards is an event that pretends to be one of the reference in terms of quality in the Worldwide scene of filmmaking. We encourage first class productions from all around the world of any production year and country.
The festival is organized with the collaboration of Puertollano’s Town Hall (Spain)

- BEST FEATURE FILM AWARD - Mejor largometraje- 800 €
- BEST SHORTFILM AWARD - Mejor cortometraje - 600 €
- MINER AWARD- Premio Minero (Mejor obra local)- 200€
- SPECIAL MENTION – Mención Especial 1 - 200€
- SPECIAL MENTION – Mención Especial 2 - 200€


- BEST FEATURE FILM AWARD - Best Feature - 800 €
- BEST SHORTFILM AWARD - Best short film - 600 €
- MINER AWARD - Mining Award (Best local work) - € 200
- SPECIAL MENTION - Special Mention 1 - 200 €
- SPECIAL MENTION - Special Mention 2 - 200 €


The festival allows the participation of any filmmaker of any age and origin.
Short films (up to 30 min.) And feature films (from 60 to 150 min.) Of any genre or type (fiction, documentaries, video creation ...) will be admitted, awarding five prizes. It will be positively valued that the work has a social character although if the work is especially good, we will admit other themes in an exceptional way.
There is no limit per author in received works, and for the general section, films not admitted in previous editions of the festival can be sent. The only requirement is that the film has not been selected at the Atlantis Film Awards for competition in any previous edition.
For the selection, the films must be in the original version with subtitles in Spanish or English.

The organization of the festival has a great experience in film competitions and film creation, being, among other activities, co-creators of the festival, which since 1998 is celebrated, of fantastic cinema and horror: Hemoglozine.
This will be the platform available for the delivery of the works:
• -

The Festival will be held on December 13 and 14, 2018, in Puertollano, Ciudad Real (Spain).

On the 13th, the winner and the finalist will be screened and the 14 winning short films and finalists will be screened, as well as the awards ceremony. The works can be sent from June 28 to October 15, 2018.
All films that are registered must pay the following non-returnable registration fees, regardless of whether they are selected or not:
- Entry fee - Spanish and local short films - € 7
- Entry fee - Short films from outside Spain - € 15
- Entry fee - Feature films - € 25

The creators will be contacted by email, requiring the final copy of the screening and informing them if they have a prize. The copy must have subtitles in Spanish if it has not been shot in this language. Once submitted, the film can not be withdrawn from the festival.

The selection committee will choose the films that will be exhibited at the Festival. The official jury will finally award the 5 winning films.
The awards will consist of DIPLOMA with ECONOMIC AMOUNT.

The owners of the rights to the films give the festival the exhibition rights for the duration of the event. They will also allow the exhibition of extracts of a maximum of 1 minute for publicity of the festival, on TV and / or internet. Promotional photos may be used in this and / or other editions of the event, to promote the history of the event.

Participation in the Festival presupposes acceptance of these rules. The festival reserves the right to modify any rule if required or declare a desert prize if the quality does not reach a minimum.




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