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Vent del Nord


22 Okt 2023
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31 Okt 2023
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01 Feb 2024

15 Mär 2024
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08 Apr 2024
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16 Apr 2024

07 Mai 2024
14 Mai 2024


Raval disseminat, 53,  17600 , Figueres, Barcelona, Spain

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Kurzfilmfestival >1' 15'<

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 Nationales Festival
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 Januar 2022
 Produktionsländer: Jede
 Länder Dreharbeiten: Jede
 Nationalitäten Regisseur: Jede
 Kurzfilme  >1' 15'<
Catalan Spanish
 Jede Sprache
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Photo of Vent Del Nord - Festival de cinema
Photo of Vent Del Nord - Festival de cinema
Photo of Vent Del Nord - Festival de cinema
Photo of Vent Del Nord - Festival de cinema


Festival Start: 07 Mai 2024      Festival Ende: 14 Mai 2024

Vent del Nord – Film Festival is the festival of the Puig de les Basses prison.

This festival will aim to choose the favorite short film rated by the inmates.

The selected ones will be chosen by a small group conformed of film lovers, and the winner will be chosen by the audience of inmates attending during the final day show.

There will be a single economic prize: 100€

1. All authors over 18 years of age may participate in the contest.

2. Each contestant may submit a maximum of two short films (fiction, animation or documentary) made in Spanish or Catalan (if there is a scene in another language, it must be subtitled in Catalan or Spanish. However, at least the 70% of the shortfilm has to be made in spanish or catalan) and whose duration does not exceed 15 minutes. The works must have been completed after January 1, 2022. Works made by people belonging to the Festival Organization may not be submitted to the competition. In adition, the shortfilms submitted in other editions of the festival will not be selected.

3. The works must be uploaded to the internet following our instructions (through To finalize the registration, the file will have to be sent so that it can be viewed without Internet access by the inmates of the penitentiary centre.

4. Fiction, documentary or animation works with an open theme can enter the contest. The organizers of the competition reserve the right not to admit those short films that it deems inappropriate for thematic, legal or technical reasons.

The contestant will be solely responsible for all the content of their short film, for example, images and sounds of other authors are not permitted. Therefore, if any of them or their legal representatives ask for explanations later, the contestant must respond on their behalf. The organizers of the Festival decline all legal responsibility for the short film and its content.

5. The deadline for registration and uploading short films to the web will end on March 31st, 2024. In order to compete, you must register with Festhome and fill out the registration form and you will have to send us the short film to be able to download it. The festival will be held during May 4 to 11.

6. A selected panel of inmates from the Puig de les Basses penitentiary in Figueres will be formed with the aim of programming one or more showings of short films that will make up the Vent del Nord film festival. Based on these showings, the winner will be chosen by the public who are made up of inmates from the prison attend voluntarily. Thus, both those selected and the final winner will be chosen by inmates from the Puig de les Basses prison.
The selected finalists will be invited to present their short film in Figueras, at the Puig de les Basses penitentiary during the days of this Contest.

7. The prizes:
There will be a single monetary prize: 100€

In order to receive the prize money, the attendance of the author at the prize-giving ceremony of the contest will be mandatory or failing that, a representative of the author (if the Closing Gala and Prize-giving ceremony is held). In case of not being able to attend, it will be mandatory for the winner to send the Festival Organization a video of greeting and thanks for the Prize awarded, which will be screened at the final Awards ceremony. Otherwise, the Prize will be awarded to the next classified.

8. In case of finding collaborations, screenings of the selected and prize winning films will be held at other film festivals, town halls, etc.

9. Copies of the short films will remain in the possession of the organization, and form part of its archive. The organization reserves the right to public projection, free and cultural, of the works presented prior notice to the creators of the same.

10. Vent del Nord Festival de Cinema does not require exclusivity. The film rights of the entries will never be retained by the organizers of the festival.

11. The public selection of the winners will be announced at the final awards ceremony that will take place on the last day of the festival in Figueras.



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