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05 Dec 2020
Call for entries

20 Mar 2021
Festival closed

09 May 2021
Notification date

08 May 2021
09 May 2021


Via Rosa Scoti Franceschi, 21,  52011, Bibbiena, Arezzo, Italy

Festival description
Short film festival >2' 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2018
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >2' 30'<
 Any language
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Photo of Do Ut Des Film Festival
Photo of Do Ut Des Film Festival
Photo of Do Ut Des Film Festival
Photo of Do Ut Des Film Festival


Festival start: 08 May 2021      Festival end: 09 May 2021

What is Do Ut Des Film Festival? Who is it for? Why this name?

Let's go in order ...

First of all, Do Ut Des Film Festival is a fantastic container of short cinema; we are open to any genre of short films from all over the world (as long as they are produced starting from January 2018), whose finalists - selected by us - will become part of the Main Competition.

In addition, there are two "special categories", which directly have to do with the name chosen for this festival:

- Music in Short (video clips; musicals; experimental videos in which the images interact directly with the music are allowed)

- Remix Culture: Italy - Venezuela Round Trip (includes films dedicated to the cultural exchange between directors of Italian origin living abroad and directors of foreign origin living in Italy; this year the focus will be on Venezuela)

Do Ut Des Film Festival is not just a nice word pun, but it wants - first of all - to overturn the negative stereotype linked to the Latin phrase do ut des: an expression often used to indicate the ancient - how not very edifying - practice of "exchange’s vote" within politics and institutions in general ... Is it a provocation? Maybe yes, but the only thing we are interested in trading here are your visionary talent and our ability to highlight and reward it as it deserves and then - why not – mixing different cultures and styles, because cinema is beautiful also because it is varied. Furthermore, by choosing a delightful theater in Casentino (Tuscany) as the venue for the awards ceremony, we could not fail to pay homage to one of the characters who made the history of music for being the inventor of the tetragrammaton (at the root of the current stave), namely Guido d'Arezzo; who was the first in the year 1025 to line up all the notes of the musical scale starting from the UT latin sound (what we now know as C).

In short, Do Ut Des Film Festival is all this and more! We hope you will want to discover it with us by attending us in this new exciting adventure, exchanging good cinema and showing your many and fascinating visions of the world. We are waiting for you!

Best Short Film for the Main Competition (there will be a cash prize);

Best Short Film for the Music in Short category (there will be a plaque or artisan sculpture);

Best Short Film for the Remix Culture category (In addition to a plaque or sculpture, the winning short film will be distributed throughout the Italian territory for 12 months starting from May 2021);

Special Mentions to the Best Director and Best Actor or Actress.

- Short films of any kind and genre (no video art) produced starting from January 2018 that do not exceed thirty minutes can participate.

- Adult authors of any nationality can participate in the Competition.

- The Competition has three categories in total:

1) Main Competition: films of any genre (excluding video art).

2) Music in Short: videoclip; musical; experimental videos in which images interact directly with music.

3) Remix Culture. Italy - Venezuela Round Trip: films dedicated to the cultural exchange between directors of Italian origin living abroad and directors of foreign origin living in Italy; this year the Competition is reserved exclusively for Venezuelan authors of Italian origin and Venezuelan directors residing in Italy.

- NON-Italian short films participating in the selection must be subtitled in Italian and/or - if this is not possible - in English.
- Up to three works for each author are admitted to the selection.

- Submission to the Competition requires a fee of 10 euros for each entered work. In case of distributors with film packages that exceed the quota of five registered in the Competition, they will be entitled to a discount on the total number of works submitted.

- The works received in the first phase will be selected to enter the final phase of the Competition at the sole discretion of the Festival Artistic Direction Committee.

- The notification for the request of the selected material for the screenings of the final phase of the Festival will be made in due time before the Awards Ceremony by e-mail.

- As regards the second phase, the winners will be established by a jury of professionals from the Entertainment and Culture industry and announced during the Awards Ceremony of the Festival. The jury's decision is final.

- Participants authorize the use of part of their works, up to 50 seconds or 10% of the overall duration of the film, for the purpose of advertising and promotional dissemination of the Festival by “900 Film”.

- The organization assumes that the participants have the full right to exhibit and promote the works and material presented and declines any responsibility for the violation of these rules.

- If your film will be SELECTED, the organization will request as follows to be delivered within 2 weeks before the start of the event:

1) Participation Form
2) Digital HD video format (1080p, H.264, MP4, .MOV) in Italian or subtitled in Italian and/or in English
3) Short synopsis
4) Biography of the director
5) Photo of the director
6) Poster, photos and press kit of the film

Participants authorize "900 Film" to use their name and address for all purposes related to the event, according to the law in force (n. 2016/679 - GDPR). The short films and other materials sent will NOT be returned, they will remain in possession of "900 Film" and will be part of the Festival archive.

Registration for the Competition and participation in the Festival imply full acceptance of these Regulations and for any exception not covered by these Regulations “900 Film” reserves the right to make definitive decisions.

For any other information you can write to the following address:



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