Festival Al Este (12)

Al Este - Eastern and Central Europe Film Festival


14 Jan 2021
Call for entries

31 Mar 2021
Festival closed

27 May 2021
Notification date

26 May 2021
05 Jun 2021


Alcanfores 457 F3,  LIMA 18, Lima, Lima, Peru

Festival description
Short film festival >3' 30'<
Feature film festival >60' 130'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 November 2019
 Production countries: Required
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >3' 30'<
 Feature Films  >60' 130'<
 Any language
 Any language
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Photo of Festival Al Este
Photo of Festival Al Este

Photo of Festival Al Este
Photo of Festival Al Este


Festival start: 26 May 2021      Festival end: 05 June 2021

Al Este is a festival coming out from the french festival A l'Est du Nouveau. Present in Peru since 2008, the mission of the festival is to promote film culture of the other Europe, that relegated to independent circuits, owning however, an invaluable wealth and tradition. Thus, Al Este de Lima seeks to spread the filmography of Central and Eastern Europe into a profitable cultural exchange with South America.

The winning short film will obtain:

- Merit Diploma of the Jury Prize.
- Trophy valued at USD 500.00
- Laurels
- Tour Al Este of the short film in the editions of Argentina,
Colombia and France.
- Subtitles in French.
- Advice for greater international short promotion.
- In addition, the selected directors and producers will
receive an accreditation for the festival and the masterclass
developed within the framework of ESTELAB.

Feature films

Al Este PERU
Al Este festival, through its four international platforms: A l'Est - France, Al Este - Peru, Al Este - Argentina and Al EsteColombia fulfills its commitment to the dissemination of film works made in Central and Eastern European countries, as well as in some South Americans countries with the aim to promote, exchange and establish a cultural dialogue between
these territories.

On 2021 we open the call to Latin American and European
producers and directors to send their most recent
productions for the various sections.
Registration form: http://bit.ly/Registration_AlEste2021


- Launch of the call (Peru): January 10, 2021.
- Deadline: March 14, 2021 at 23:59
- Announcement of selected candidates: April 2, 2021.
- Deadline for sending materials: April 25, 2021.
- Competition date: May 26 to June 5, 2021.
- Date of award: 6 of June of by 2021.
II. CATEGORIES: (productions made between 2019 and

1) Official Competition AL ESTE:

Fiction and documentary feature films from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe may be presented; including co-productions from different parts of the world involving one or more countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Works
should have been completed after November 2019.

2) Competition AL ESTE ITINERANTE:

Feature films and documentaries produced in Argentina,
Colombia, France, Peru and Uruguay between 2019 and
2021, are eligible. Topics are free.

Special Sub Categorie: Open Voice
Aimed to reach those works coming from the eligible
countries which covers the topic of Human Trafficking.


1) The preselection of works, in each category, will be carried out by the Festival’s selection committee conformed by the programming team and its external advisers.

2) For the election of winners, a jury will be appointed which will be conformed by professionals related to cinema and national and international media; whose names will be announced 15 days before the start of the competition.

Persons who have any link with the production or exploitation of the films presented in the competition cannot be part of the jury.

3) The votes of the jury will be kept in reserve and the decisions will be taken by simple majority. A representative of the Festival may attend the deliberations of the jury as an observer without the right to vote.

4) The jury will choose a winner and a special mention per category.

5) The jury’s decision will be irrevocable.

6) The members of the jury undertake not to publicly express their opinions regarding the films submitted for their evaluation before the official announcement of the awards.

7) The official competition section will also benefit from an award of the Public, and the award of the Press.

8) There will be no ex-aequo award. There will only be one winner in each competition.


1) Duration:

Feature films: minimum duration of 60 minutes and
maximum of 150 minutes (including end credits).

Short films: minimum duration of 3 minutes and maximum of 20 minutes (including end credits).

2) Formats and delivery of materials:

2.1.) For the pre-selection process of the films, private preview links may be sent on Vimeo, YouTube, or another platform, which may be password protected; this password must be provided in the registration form.

2.2) Works, once selected, the films may be submitted in the following digital file video formats: MP4, MOV, Quick Time or ProRes 422 with a minimum size 3 GB without subtitles.

2.3.) Non-Spanish-speaking films must have the original
audio and preferably subtitles in Spanish or English in *srt. If subtitles are not available, the producer must sent a dialogue’s list in English or Spanish indicating the synchronization time (e.g. 00: 00: 27,160 - 00: 00: 28,560) and the number of lines of dialogues. The same conditions apply to Spanish and French-speaking films, which must have English subtitles or a synchronized dialogue list in case of winning.

* Check annex: General shipping conditions.

3) Exclusivity and confidentiality:

3.1.) Only those works that have not been commercially
released in Peruvian territory, whether in commercial
circuits, such as cinemas, TV, or active online distribution will be eligible. Any material that has been screened in previous editions of Al Este Perú will not be selected for the contest. The committee may give preference to absolute premieres in each country.

3.2.) Once the films has been selected, it cannot be
withdrawn from the program or deliberately presented on
free or paid exhibition platforms in the country (Peru).

3.3.) The person responsible for the registration undertakes not to publicly communicate their participation in the contest until after it is broadcast by the Festival.

3.4.) Participants undertake to place the festival’s palms in the initial or final credits in official posters. These will be provided by production.

4) Ownership and dissemination rights:

4.1.) The registration must be carried out by the producer of the work, who declares and recognizes himself as the universal holder of the rights of diffusion and distribution of the registered works.
Likewise, it must inform the due authorization and transfer of rights to the soundtrack, incidental music, and all archival material included in the work presented; In short, you accept that you are solely responsible for other companies or people who have participated in the production of said materials.

4.2.) The person responsible for the registration of the work will be the sole interlocutor, or may designate another person for the coordination resulting from the selection.

4.3.) The selection of a work implies the free transfer of the rights of projection of the work in the framework of the Festival Al Este during the festival.

4.4.) Once the projection materials have been sent, it is understood that the producer of the work will not be able to remove the film from the selection.

4.5.) The Festival will be provided with all the necessary materials for the dissemination of the work, such as: presskit, trailer, sequences, stills, promotional photographs and poster in editable version, which the Festival may adapt for communication, whether digital, televised, projected or printed.

4.6.) Each majority producer may present up to 2 works, in case of registering them in the same competition, only one (1) will be selected.

Any questions or queries will be resolved within the periods indicated in the schedule to the following email:
programme@ alestfestival.com.

With the subject:
Q&A-SUBMISSION-XXXXXX (film tittle).


6.1) The Festival selection committee may withdraw, at any time, those films which does not comply with any of the bases or any of the guidelines.

Likewise, the falsification of the production information or the data consigned in the registration form will mean the disqualification and exclusion of the submitted film from the category in which it participates.

6.2) Participation implies full knowledge and acceptance of the terms indicated in this document. If there is a controversy or doubt in the interpretation of the points written in this document or those aspects not included in this, the interpretation and the criteria of the organization of the Festival are decisive. For this, the question must be sent in the consultation period of the call.


7.1.) The winning short film will obtain:
- Merit Diploma of the Jury Prize.
- Trophy valued at USD 500.00
- Laurels
- Tour Al Este of the short film in the editions of Argentina,
Colombia and France.
- Subtitles in French.
- Advice for greater international short promotion.
- In addition, the selected directors and producers will
receive an accreditation for the festival and the masterclass
developed within the framework of ESTELAB.



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