Tournez-court (12)

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19 feb 2024

30 jun 2024
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15 ago 2024
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25 sep 2024
25 sep 2024


1 Boulevard Ferdinand de Lesseps,  76000, Rouen, Normandie, Francia

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Festival de cortometrajes >3' 8'<

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Photo of Tournez-court
Photo of Tournez-court
Photo of Tournez-court
Photo of Tournez-court


Inicio Festival: 25 septiembre 2024      Fin Festival: 25 septiembre 2024

Our association Pulp Vision, which brings together students interested in cinema, is organising the 12th edition of its short film festival "Tournez-court", which will take place on 25 September 2024. This year's theme is blue, and we'll be showing not only French but also international short films. It's a special edition because we're partnering with the Envie d'Sup association, which works to give secondary school students from priority education areas access to a variety of cultural events. So our festival is keen to contribute to this initiative and give a boost to Rouen's cultural life.

Two prizes will be given during this evening :

- The jury's prize (people from the cinema community) of the best short film

- Public's prize of the best short film

Those prizes will be in the form of trophies.

Our festival will take place in 2 stages: a first part with the screening of short films with the imposed theme topic: Blue and open category.

The evening will be punctuated by intermissions with concert, improvisation match and buffet.



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