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Lights Cameros Action


01 Jun 2021
Call for entries

15 Aug 2022
Festival closed

24 Aug 2022
Notification date

01 Jun 2022
05 Sep 2022


c/ Centro,  26124, El Rasillo, La Rioja, Spain

Festival description
Rural world
Short film festival >3' 15'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2020
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >3' 15'<
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Photo of Luces Cameros Acción
Photo of Luces Cameros Acción

Photo of Luces Cameros Acción
Photo of Luces Cameros Acción


Festival start: 01 June 2022      Festival end: 05 September 2022

LUCES CAMEROS ACCION is a short film festival with two sections.

1 – “Rural World" Section
International section of short films in Spanish or subtitled in Spanish.
Shot in villages in rural areas or dealing with rural idiosyncrasies.
Made after January 1, 2020.

2 – “Cameros" Section
The works submitted will be original pieces that are not accessible through Internet.

With 50% of the "footage" recorded in recognizable places of Cameros (New and old Cameros located in La Rioja Spain).

Deadline for submission of works is August 15, 2022

Screenings and Awards Ceremony:
Last week of August in villages of Cameros, La Rioja, Spain

Rural world Section:
1st Best Short Film
1500 € and Trophy.

Cameros Section:
1st Best Short Film
1500 € and Trophy.

2nd Best Production
500 € and Trophy.

Special prizes:
Best photography 200 € and Trophy.
Best performance 200 € and Trophy.
Audience Award 200 € and Trophy.
Young Contestants Award:
Worth 200 € and Trophy. (Cinema tickets and audiovisual platforms).


1.- Sections.
The festival LUCES CAMEROS ACTION has two sections: RURAL WORLD and CAMEROS. In both sections any individual, collective or company may submit a short film entry. The short films must comply with the following features for each of these sections:

1.1 "Rural World" Section
International section of short films. They must be in Spanish or have Spanish subtitles embedded in them. These works must have been made on or after January 1, 2021, and will have a maximum duration of 15 minutes. An additional requirement is that they be filmed in rural areas (surrounded by countryside, mountains, nature, etc.) or that they deal with the idiosyncrasies of rural life.

1.2 "Cameros" Section
In this section, the main requirement is that 50% of the final footage be shot in recognizable locations in the Cameros Mountain Range (La Rioja, Spain), both in Camero Nuevo and Camero Viejo. The works submitted will be original pieces and without public access on the web. The length of these short films will be between 3 and 8 minutes. They will have to contain the official bumpers of the festival, both at the beginning and at the end. These bumpers will be available on our website from July 1st, 2022

2.- Prizes.
The prizes of this festival total 4.300€, plus other prizes of non-quantifiable value. They will be distributed as follows:
"Rural World Section":

● 1.500€. Prize for best short film awarded by the town council of El Rasillo de Cameros.
"Cameros Section":
● 1.500€. Prize for best short film.
● 500€. Award for best production. The winner of this section will also
will also be selected for the OCTOBER SHORT 2023 festival in the RIOJA SECTION.
Special awards. These awards are valid for both sections and compatible with other awards.
● Best performance: 200€.
Best photography: 200€.
● Audience Award: 200€.
● Youth Award: €200 gift certificate for audiovisual platforms and movie tickets.
This award is only open to short films made entirely by people under 22 years of age (born up to the year 2000), except for actors or actresses if required by the script.

The prizes are subject to the corresponding tax withholding as established by law.

3.- Technical requirements.

3.1 The works submitted will have a minimum quality of Full HD.

3.2 Format: .MPEG-4 .MP4 .MOV. If the format is not suitable, the submission will be disqualified from the competition.

4.- Registrations and deliveries.

4.1 All persons who wish to participate, individually or in groups, may do so.

4.2 Short films must be submitted through the platform before 23:59 on August 15, 2022.
Accompanied by the mandatory data of the platform (technical and artistic data sheet, locations, director's portrait, synopsis, poster (.jpg) and making off photo.
This information may be used for the festival's programming, on social networks, media, etc...

5.- Selection and Jury.

5.1 Among all the works received, the organizers will select films from both the "Rural World" and "Cameros" sections for viewing at the screenings and for the jury to deliberate on the winners.

5.2 The jury will be composed of several people linked to the film industry and audiovisual productions.

5.3 The jury for the audience award will be the audience itself. The prize will be awarded by counting the votes obtained on the screenings.

6.- Screenings and awards ceremony.

6.1 The screenings will be held in locations in La Rioja. The dates will be announced
through our social networks.

6.2 Awards ceremony:
Attendance will be mandatory by at least one member of the team of the selected short films. In the case of the RURAL WORLD section, it will be possible to send a video the same day of the awards ceremony.

7.- Legislation.

7.1 The organization will upload the short films only from the section "Cameros" to the networks two years after the deadline. period so that the participants can submit their short films to other contests.

7.2 Images and/or music from archives may be used, provided that the participants own or are assigned the rights to the audiovisual material used in their works, including music, effects, and animations. Under
under no circumstances may the works violate any law of intellectual protection, and the Festival Organization is not responsible if any short film does not comply with this rule.

7.3 The organization is not responsible for any offence committed by the participants, being them responsible for any type of action and / or claim, judicial or administrative.

7.4 Works that denigrate women will be disqualified,
Denigration of any social group because of their sexual condition, gender, race, or economic status, and/or that advocate terrorism or animal abuse in the short films will mean automatic disqualification from the competition.

7.5 In short films in which minors participate in any way (in front of or behind the camera), it shall be the responsibility of the directors or producers to have parental permission.

7.6 Participants agree to be interviewed by the organizers of the event.
organization of the event.

7.7 The participants must be the authors of the works submitted to the competition and agree to grant broadcasting rights for the duration of the festival to both the organizers of the event and its sponsors to be used later by different channels such as:
Internet, movie theaters, television.... In the case of the section "Cameros" they must agree to grant the broadcasting rights of the short films (two years after their screening at the festival) and in the case of the "Rural World" section, only the trailer will be broadcasted.

7.8 The organization may record on video and photograph the activities related to the competition.

7.9 The prizes are subjected to the corresponding tax deduction established by law.
The organization may declare the prizes void if it considers that the works submitted do not meet the minimum requirements desired by the festival.

7.10 If the organization considers that the requirements for participation are not being met, it may request original files or justification from the participants, if the organization is not satisfied, the work will not be eligible to compete.

7.11 Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of these rules.

7.12 These rules are subjected to the necessary changes by the organization and will be communicated with the necessary advance notice.



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