IMAXINARIA - Festival Internacional de Animación Afundación (1)

IMAXINARIA - Afundación International Animation Film Festival


24 Feb 2023
Call for entries

24 Mar 2023
Festival closed

29 Mar 2023
Notification date

10 May 2023
14 May 2023


Sede Afundación A Coruña. Cantón Grande 8,  15003, A Coruña, A Coruña, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2022
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Any language
Spanish Galician English
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Photo of IMAXINARIA - Festival Internacional de Animación Afundación
Photo of IMAXINARIA - Festival Internacional de Animación Afundación
Photo of IMAXINARIA - Festival Internacional de Animación Afundación
Photo of IMAXINARIA - Festival Internacional de Animación Afundación


Festival start: 10 May 2023      Festival end: 14 May 2023


IMAXINARIA is an International Animation Film Festival that emerges in the city of A Coruña, promoted by Afundación Obra Social. ABANCA. This project was born with the aim of introducing and promoting non-commercial animation films to the general public. The festival was also created as a meeting point for professionals in the sector, in which Galicia has a long innovative tradition recognized both nationally and internationally.

The festival focuses on one of the most creative audiovisual sectors. The main aims of IMAXINARIA are showing the most outstanding international works and the animation made in Galicia, educating future generations, acting as a platform for new creators, and disseminating the work of outstanding directors of the animation industry.

Solidarity project

IMAXINARIA is part of the "Culture x Food" programme of Afundación Obra Social. This ABANCA initiative asks for citizen participation to answer to the solidarity call of local Food Banks. Therefore, the tickets to the festival will be free in exchange for non-perishable food. This social commitment reflects in the festival's own contents, and the organization will give the "Activism in Animation Award” recognizing the involvement of animation professionals who, through their educational work and animation films, denounce vulnerable or disadvantaged situations of different social groups.

>>> Imaxinaria Grand Prix: 1.500€
>>> Jury Award: 1.000€
>>> Audience award: 500€
>>> Children's Audience Award: 500€
>>> Territorio Award (Best Galician/Spanish short film): 500€

The Fundación Galicia Obra Social –NIF G70270293, registered office in Cantón Grande 8, 15003, A Coruña; "Afundación", hereinafter, promotes IMAXINARIA festival and the contest with the same name, aimed to reward cinematographic works according to the following:

>> Rules:


- The 1st edition of IMAXINARIA will take place at the Afundación Headquarters in A Coruña from May 10th to 14th, 2023; Participation is freely open to Galician, national and international film works.

- Only short films that have been released after January 1, 2022, may be registered through this online platform. Short films don’t need to be premiered at the festival, but the Jury will positively value them if they are unpublished in Spain.

- Each author or company may submit as many short films as they wish, regardless of their nationality and language. However, each film will have to be registered independently.

- The organization will accept only short films that fit the definition of animation given by Animated Film Association - ASIFA: "The art of animation involves the creation of animated images using various techniques other than live action." ( In any case, the festival will accept films that mix live action with animation, as long as the animation represents at least 70% of the film.

- The short films should have a duration of 30 minutes or less (credit titles included).

- Commercial and advertising films will be excluded.


- The deadline for registration will be March 24, 2023.

- No registration fee is required.

- Registration can ONLY be done through the Festhome platform.

- For the registration and viewing, the short films whose original version is Spanish or Galician do not require subtitles. All other languages must have subtitles in English or in one of the aforementioned languages.


- For the final screening, the following formats are accepted: .mov (H.264, ProRes 422 and ProRes 444), .avi (uncompressed) or .mp4 (H.264), native resolution and frame rate, via the Internet.

- subtitle format:

>>> List of dialogues and texts in Galician, Spanish or English: .srt file with time code.
>>> Copies with embedded subtitles in another language than Galician or Spanish will not be accepted.

- Registration in the festival implies that the owners of the selected short films authorize the public screening of their films in the programme scheduled by the organization during the week of the festival.

- Registration in the festival implies that the owners of the selected short films give the right to screen their films to the festival —always for cultural and non-commercial purposes— throughout the following year in different extraordinary activities held outside the festival’s official week. These possible screenings will always be notified to the owner.


- The Official Programme will be made up of 7 blocks of screenings: 5 adult ones and 2 for children.

- Each film in the competition may aspire to the awards of its section.

- Awards:
>>> Imaxinaria Grand Prix: 1.500€
>>> Jury Award: 1.000€
>>> Audience Award: 500€
>>> Children's Audience Award: 500€
>>> Territorio Award (Best Galician/Spanish short film): 500€

- The cash prizes of the awards are subject to taxes and regulations established by Spanish Law. The amounts in these bases are gross, and IRPF Tax withholding will be applied to them.

- The Organization reserves the right to reduce or expand the categories and prizes, as well as the amount of them.

- The Jury will be made up of professionals from the animation industry. The Jury decisions will be final.

- The Jury may declare any of the Award categories void if it deems it appropriate, as well as grant special mentions without an assigned economic endowment.


- Participation in the festival implies granting to the television channels that request it to the Organization, the right to broadcast excerpts of the works (10%, with a duration of no more than two minutes). This condition also applies to media which uses the internet as its dissemination platform and to the festival's own social networks.

- The Organization will also publish graphic material related to the short films that are in the programme.

- The Organization assumes that the participants are the holders of the rights of the films they present. In any case, the Organization is not responsible for any possible infraction derived from this aspect and accepts no legal liability for the short films submitted to the festival or their content.

- The festival Organizers reserve the right to alter, modify or cancel the contest of this edition at any time.

-The people or companies that own the works accept to sign any document related to the transfer of rights and/or protection of personal data that the festival promoter entity requires of them.

- Participation in the festival implies full acceptance of all the terms and rules contained in this agreement.



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