Utsav International Film Festival (3)


01 Mar 2024
Call for entries

01 Aug 2024
Early deadline

15 Sep 2024
Standard deadline

15 Oct 2024
Late deadline

31 Oct 2024
Extended deadline


15 Nov 2024
Notification date

12 Dec 2024
15 Dec 2024


Editorz Squad Media, Bungalow no 2, Devgans,,  400053, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Festival description
Short film festival 40'<
Feature film festival >41'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  40'<
 Feature Films  >41'
 Any language
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Photo of Utsav International Film Festival
Photo of Utsav International Film Festival
Photo of Utsav International Film Festival
Photo of Utsav International Film Festival


Festival start: 12 December 2024      Festival end: 15 December 2024

Utsav – Celebration or Festival

We have started this LGBTQ+ & Independent Film Festival for cinema lovers. This film festival will be a celebration of creativity and ideas. After a successful completion of the first edition of the festival, we are now ready for the second edition.

LGBTQ+ cinema globally as well as in India has become an important part of the film industry. OTT platforms have increased the reach of these films to a larger audience. Of course, these avenues are mostly for mainstream cinema and filmmakers. There are a lot of independent film makers who also have interesting stories to present. We hope that this festival will be a platform for these independent film makers and their wonderful stories.

Each film has various components – story, script, cinematography, editing, sound, music, acting – to name a few. In this festival, we wish to acknowledge all aspects of film making and creativity. Thus, we hope that film makers will be encouraged to submit their work to showcase any or all aspects of their creativity.

Not all film makers, particularly independent filmmakers, and students, have the luxury of large budgets and wonderful locations for filming. We appreciate these limitations and would like to provide a platform to these filmmakers. We would encourage first time filmmakers who would like to present their work to submit to the festival.

It is also important to learn from each other’s experiences. During the festival, we hope to have panel discussions with filmmakers, writers, editors, sound engineers, cinematographers, musicians, and audience as well. This healthy exchange will enrich the experience.

The first two days of festival will be for LGBTQ+ cinema, and the next two days will be for other independent films in this edition of the festival.

Come be a part of this ‘UTSAV’!

Multiple Awards will be given to the films during the Award Ceremony

The films should be LGBTQ+ themed or the main characters of the films should be LGBTQ+. For the purposes of this festival this includes Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Hijras, Intersex, Pansexual, Non-Binary, Gender Fluid, and Queer.

We will also accept other Independent cinema for this edition of this film festival

We will accept films in these categories: Narrative Shorts, Narrative Features, Documentaries, Experimental, Web series, and Student Films

Narrative Short Films: The maximum duration of films in this category is 40 minutes.

Narrative Feature Films: Any film more than 40 minutes will be considered a feature film for the purpose of the festival.

Documentary Films: They should be documentary films of any length. However, as highlighted earlier, it can be LGBTQ+ themed or other independent cinema.

Experimental films: Experimental films with a maximum duration of 15 minutes will be considered in this category.

Web series: This includes more than one episode of the series. We do not have time limits for each episode.

Student films: Films submitted by current film students will be considered for this category. Each submission should include a valid identity card from a film school.

All the films should be subtitled in English (if they are not in English)

We will not include pornographic films in the festival.

There are no restrictions on previous submissions or date of production.

By submitting the film to the festival, you agree to the terms and condition of the festival. You agree to let the organisers show the film in the festival and password protected online in cases of hybrid festival. The films will be screened in the physical festival or online festival, or both.

By submitting to the festival, you agree that you have all the rights (including copyright if required) for this submission.

By submitting to the festival, you agree that a part of your film (maximum up to two minutes) may be used for

Each selected film will receive a laurel and certificate.

All the selected films will be eligible for awards.

You agree to pay the required submission charges for the festival.

The films have to be submitted via Festhome.



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