Cinema23 - Semana del Cine de Córdoba ()

CINEMA23 - Cordoba Film Week

Dates limites

01 août 2023
Appel à Inscriptions

15 oct. 2023
Festival fermé

15 nov. 2023
Date de notification

11 déc. 2023
16 déc. 2023


Calle Morería,  14008, Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain

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Festival d court métrage >5' 20'<
Festival de long métrage >60' 120'<

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 Festival de cinéma
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 Festival National
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 juin 2022
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Photo of Cinema23 - Semana del Cine de Córdoba
Photo of Cinema23 - Semana del Cine de Córdoba
Photo of Cinema23 - Semana del Cine de Córdoba
Photo of Cinema23 - Semana del Cine de Córdoba


Début du Festival: 11 décembre 2023      Fin du Festival: 16 décembre 2023

CINEMA23 - Córdoba Film Week aims to bring together a wide and varied selection of cinema that is produced from Andalusia, with special attention to the most innovative proposals and emerging filmmakers, having the cordovan capital as a meeting point in order to position itself as the cinematographic event of reference in the cultural agenda of the city and become a meeting point for the state cinematographic sector.

The 2nd Edition of CINEMA23 will take place from November 27 to December 2, 2023.


- A jury of professionals from the film industry sector will award the Best Feature Film Award and the Best Short Film Award.

- The audience attending the screenings will decide the Best Audience Award for Best Film. (feature film) from CINEMA23.

- The prizes will be awarded at the Festival's Closing Gala.

- The documentary features that officially participate in the contest will be eligible for the Carmen Award of the Andalusian Film Academy for Best Documentary Feature in the 2024 edition, as long as they meet the conditions and requirements established in the bases to qualify for said awards.


1- Official Selection of Feature Films: duration between 60 and 120 minutes.
2- Official Selection of Short Films: duration between 5 and 20 minutes.


- All those films that have an Andalusian director and/or producer or co-producer may be registered.
- Each participant may present the number of films they want.
- The works must be presented in their original language. In the case of a version other than Spanish, it must have subtitles in Spanish.
- Films selected in the previous edition will not be admitted.
- Fiction, documentary, experimental and animation are accepted.
- The production date of the films must be dated June 30, 2022 or later.


FEATURE FILMS that are part of the CINEMA23 programming cannot have been previously screened in other festivals, exhibitions, film series or screenings open to the public in the province of Córdoba and must have completed their commercial cycle in theaters during the dates prior to the celebration of the event.

SHORT FILMS that are part of the CINEMA23 programming cannot have been previously screened in other festivals, exhibitions, film series or screenings open to the public in the city of Córdoba.

It will be positively valued if the premiere of the work at the regional or state level takes place at CINEMA23. In case of selection, participants agree not to project their work in the city of Córdoba until three months after the event.

Acceptance of these rules will be a necessary requirement for the preselection of the projects.


- In order to participate, it will be mandatory to do so through the FESTHOME online platform, registering the film in the corresponding category.
- The registration period ends on October 15, 2023.
- Registration is free.
- The Organization presupposes that the people or groups that register the works have the rights to exhibit them, as well as the authorization to receive the prize in the case of collective authorship. In any case, the organization exempts itself from any responsibility that may arise from the infringement of this base and from the claim for payment of copyright for public communication or other intellectual property rights.


- A selection committee, made up of professionals from the media and members of the organizing team of La Semana del Cine, will be in charge, based on artistic quality, of selecting, among all the films received, those works that will participate during the Festival. The decisions adopted will be communicated as of November 7, 2023 by means of communication via email and subsequent publication on the official website of CINEMA23 - La Semana del Cine:

- The selected films must be sent for screening before November 15, 2023, in a file with an H.264 CODEC extension, with a compression rate (bitrate) between 30 Mbps and 50 Mbps (progressive) and a minimum resolution of 1080p. If you do not have a downloadable copy through FESTHOME, it will be requested by the organization by email.
Along with the selected film, the following information must be attached by email to
1- Two frames of the film in digital format (300ppp, JPG and no larger than 1 Mb.).
2- Photograph of the director in digital format (300ppp, JPG and no larger than 1 Mb).
3- File of subtitles in or list of original dialogues with translation in Spanish or English (essential).

The feature films (fiction or documentary) that participate in the Official Section will receive a travel bag consisting of €300 + VAT to cover their attendance at the festival and their participation in the Q&A after the screening of their film. Attendance at the festival will be an essential requirement to be part of the programming.

- The participants authorize The Organization to use frames, photographs and extracts from the films for their dissemination in any communication and promotional medium, in order to promote and disseminate this Festival. The documentation and material sent for the selected works may appear in all the advertising and promotional media of the event.

- All the requirements mentioned above are essential to participate.


Form of payment and invoice: the payment of the travel bag (€300+VAT) will be made by bank transfer and upon presentation of the invoice. The billing information will be provided, in due course, by email. The prizes will be subject to the applicable tax regulations.


- Recipients of the prizes: the prizes will be paid to the person or production company that appears on the registration form.

- Form of payment and invoice, where appropriate: the payment of the prizes will be made by bank transfer and prior presentation of the invoice, in the cases that proceed. The prizes will be subject to the applicable tax regulations.

- The same will happen with the travel bag for the assistance of part of the team of the feature films screened in the Official Feature Film Selection.



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