Concurso De Cortometrajes Guadalcanal En corto Sonría Por Favor (4)



01 7月 2022

31 8月 2022

28 10月 2022

27 10月 2022
29 10月 2022



短編映画祭 20'<

 Music Video
 1月 2021
 制作国: 必須
 撮影国: 任意の
 監督の国籍: 必須
 短編映画  20'<

Photo of Concurso De Cortometrajes Guadalcanal En corto Sonría Por Favor
Photo of Concurso De Cortometrajes Guadalcanal En corto Sonría Por Favor
Photo of Concurso De Cortometrajes Guadalcanal En corto Sonría Por Favor
Photo of Concurso De Cortometrajes Guadalcanal En corto Sonría Por Favor


映画祭の開始: 27 10月 2022      映画祭の終了: 29 10月 2022

The Department of Culture of the City Council of Guadalcanal (Seville), announces the IV Edition
of the GUADALCANAL EN CORTO Short Film Festival „Sonría por favor‟, which will It will be held from October 27 to 29, 2022.

The contest will deliver the following prizes in „Classical‟ mode:

 Guadalcanal En Corto Award “Sonría por favor” for the best endowed short film with statuette and €1000.

 Guadalcanal En Corto Award “Sonría por favor” for the second best short film endowed with a statuette and €500.

 Canal Sur Radio and Television Award for Andalusian audiovisual creation statuettes and viewing on Andalusian public television.

 Prize for the Best Animated Short, endowed with a statuette and €500.

 Audience Award for the best short film voted by
the gifted audience with statuette and €200

'Sonria, por favor'

1. The theme of the Guadalcanal en Corto festival „Sonría, por favor‟ is comedy and animation. All short films must be of Spanish nationality except those of animation, which may be international as long as they are subtitled in Spanish.

2. The short films can be silent or with built-in sound, being Spanish the language used. Short films in a language other than Spanish must necessarily contain subtitles in Spanish.

3. The organization assumes that the owners of the short films presented hold all the rights of exhibition and promotion of the works and material that represent, and declines any responsibility regarding the infringement of this rule.

4. The Jury will be made up of a group of people decided by the organization; its verdict will be unappealable, being able to leave the prize void if it considers it appropriate and decide on any doubt not foreseen in the bases.

5. The decisions of both the Selection Committee and the Official Jury will be unappealable.

6. The organization reserves the right to reject a work due to poor quality of the image or sound.

7. The short films presented may not have been presented in previous editions of this same festival.

8. The short films presented cannot be related to any member organizer or jury of the event.

9. The short films that are selected in the IV Short Film Contest Guadalcanal in Short "Smile please" may be exhibited within the cultural and non-profit activities organized by the Department of Culture of the Guadalcanal City Council, such as the presentation of future festivals and exhibition of the finalist shorts in neighboring towns.

10. The Guadalcanal Short Film Contest “Sonría por favor” will take place from October 27 to 29, 2022 with the screening of the short films selected, in public and free sessions that will take place in the Cinema - Theater Municipality of Guadalcanal.

In this fourth celebration of the festival, the novelty of creating two modalities of presentation to the event, the classic modality and the '48 hours'. A Participation details for each option are explained below.


A. The characteristics of the short films must comply with point 1 and 2 of these
bases. In addition, the completion date of the short film must be after 01 January 2021.

B. The duration of the short films may not exceed 20 minutes including the credit titles.

C. Participation in the short film festival is open to all filmmakers over 18 years of age, both individually and collectively, provided they have
Spanish nationality.

D. The term of delivery of works begins on July 1, 2022 and ends on December 31, 2022. August 2022 (both inclusive).

E. Short films may be sent through the following means:

 Distribution platforms: Festhome

 Ordinary mail or courier, sending the material to the following address:
Guadalcanal City Council Culture Area IV Guadalcanal Contest in Short “Smile please” Plaza de España, 01 - 41390 Guadalcanal (Seville)

 Delivery to the Guadalcanal City Hall Registry, from 09:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.1:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday in a sealed envelope that, in addition to the work
will contain the data referred to in point F.
F. In all shipments, the data of the author/s will be clearly stated, photocopy
of the DNI or similar; technical sheet, filmography of the author, the poster of the short film and
various frames and brief synopsis of it. Send in digital format or through
the aforementioned Distribution Platforms.
G. The organization will carry out a previous selection. After this, the users will be notified
authors and must send a projection copy of the selected short films
along with a trailer or teaser of the same that must be sent before October 1
from 2022 by Wetransfer to for the screening
in the official section.
H. The mandatory presentation formats will be: .MPEG or .MP4. .MOV
(H264 compression) and in 48khz 16-bit audio