6º Festival De Cinema De Muriaé ()

Festival de Cinema de Muriaé


28 8월 2022
출품 요청

28 9월 2022
영화제 마감

14 10월 2022

21 10월 2022
22 10월 2022


Rua Cel. Domiciano,  36880-013, Muriaé, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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 1월 2020
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Photo of 6º Festival De Cinema De Muriaé
Photo of 6º Festival De Cinema De Muriaé
Photo of 6º Festival De Cinema De Muriaé
Photo of 6º Festival De Cinema De Muriaé


Only for Brasilian Filmmakers.

영화제 시작: 21 10월 2022      영화제 끝: 22 10월 2022

The Muriaé Film Festival (FCM) is a cultural event that seeks the recognition and dissemination of national and regional audiovisual productions. Throughout its editions, face-to-face and online versions were built, enabling the permanence of this cultural action.

In its 6th edition, the Muriaé Film Festival reinforces its commitment to the dissemination of the Brazilian audiovisual scenario, innovating through the construction of a hybrid event (online and in person), with emphasis on our city of Muriaé and providing access for all the corners of the country.


- Registration: August 28 to September 28, 2022
- Awards: October 22/22 (With live broadcast on the website: https://festivaldemuriae.com.br/)
- Film screening: 21st to 30th of October/22

The films will be awarded in the following categories:
Best National Film
Best Regional Film
Best Children's Film
Best Documentary
Best Animation
Best Screenplay
Best Direction
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Actor
Best actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Original Soundtrack
Best Editing.

The 6th Muriaé Film Festival (6th FCM 2022) is a cultural event that seeks the recognition of national and regional audiovisual productions, building an online and in-person version, with live broadcast of the awards.

The selected films will be shown on the festival's website, during the period from October 21/22 to October 30/22, and in person from October 21 to 22/22, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the 7th art!

Applications will be open from August 28/22 to September 28/22 for short films lasting up to 20 minutes. National films produced from January 2020 onwards, of any format, of all genres and classifications, can participate.

The curatorial line is creative, innovative and entertainment films. The selection of films will be made by a curatorship team. Entries for institutional, advertising or human rights films will not be accepted.

By submitting a film to the 6th MURIAÉ CINEMA FESTIVAL (6th FCM2021) you will be responsible for the veracity of the information entered in the registration form, as well as the rights of ownership and release for public, unpaid exhibition, of the work in the 6th FCM2021.

FREE AND online REGISTRATION – Registration must be done through one of the following websites: festivaldemuriae.com.br or festhome.com.

NO LIMITS ON WORKS SUBMITTED – There is no limit on the number of films submitted for each director/producer (individual or legal entity).

SUBMISSION OF FILMS – In the registration the films must be sent through links (YouTube, Vimeo, etc). Afterwards, the selected movies will be uploaded via file transfer (WeTransfer, Dropbox, SendSpace, etc).

SELECTION – The curatorship of the event will select up to 35 films. The result will be published on the event website (festivaldemuriae.com.br) and on facebook/instagram (@festivaldemuriae). Those selected will be communicated by email.

awards – The films will be awarded in the following categories: Best National Film, Best Regional Film, Best Children's Film, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Screenplay, Best Direction, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Score and Best Editing.

The announcement of the award result will take place at the end of the event (October 22/22), with a live broadcast during the Closing Ceremony, with the participation of the team of awardees, who will be previously invited.

The producer/director of the film, when registering the aforementioned for the selection of the Festival, is agreeing with this regulation and authorizing its exhibition to an open public on the festival's website and in person, during the event period.

Website: festivaldemuriae.com.br
Instagram/facebook: festivaldemuriae



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