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02 Jun 2018
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31 Dez 2018
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02 Jun 2019

01 Jun 2019
30 Jun 2019


Largo do Marquês de Marialva, n.º 8,  7000-809, Evora, Evora, Portugal

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Photo of Heritales - International Heritage Film Festival
Photo of Heritales - International Heritage Film Festival
Photo of Heritales - International Heritage Film Festival
Photo of Heritales - International Heritage Film Festival


Festival Start: 01 Juni 2019      Festival Ende: 30 Juni 2019

Heritales – International Heritage Film Festival 2018 –
“Rites, gatherings and celebrations for sustainable cultures”

Heritales – International Heritage Film Festival is a cultural project that seeks to disseminate narratives of material and immaterial heritage. Of the many ways to achieve this, Heritales relies mainly on the seventh art of the cinema while also promoting other artistic forms such as photography, interactive media, games, theater and performances.

The project encourages cultural sustainability by promoting a broad interpretation of what can be understood as cultural heritage, fostering new ways of education, international scientific collaboration, encouraging intercultural dialogue and outreach to an international audience.

In this third edition, Heritales focuses on the topic of “Rites, gatherings and celebrations for sustainable cultures”, inviting films, documentaries and other artistic works that explore cultural celebrations and social gatherings as ways to promote sustainability of cultures and places, communities and environments.

Our aim is to promote the circulation of these works around the world, so in the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Heritales goes on tour, multiplying the sites where the Festival will take place and finally “breaking the walls” of the city.

By embracing the practice of itinerant cinema, over the course of twelve months, we aim to show more than 20 films and documentaries in various international locations. The culmination of the festival will see a final gathering at the end of September in the UNESCO´s world heritage city of Évora (Portugal).

Awards given by the Catedra UNESCO of the University of Évora (Portugal) to the best short, best medium and best long documentary.

There are no specific rules for participation however the jury will take into consideration the cost of the production of the films. This is in order to establish a fair condition of judgement between all the submitted works.

We invite filmmakers and researchers from all over the world to submit their films on the highlighted topic of rites, gatherings and celebrations and to share with the audience your interdisciplinary work. Like previous years Heritales will accept authors of different backgrounds, working in historical, archaeological, anthropological and social studies of past present and futures cultures, sites and objects.

Authors are required to submit their film before the 31st of December 2018. We will select the films and show them in ours different projection sites worldwide until May 31st 2019.

We will contact the selected authors to confirm his/her participation on the debate with the public after the projection.

In June 2019 we will celebrate the award ceremony with the winners of the competition 2018/19.



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