NAFF - Neum Animated Film Festival (16)


19 Oct 2020
Call for entries

15 Apr 2021
Festival closed

27 Jun 2021
Notification date

26 Jun 2021
01 Jul 2021


Agava 8,  88390, Neum, Hercegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Festival description
Short film festival >3' 15'<

European Animation Awards Qualifier festival logo qualifying festival
Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 October 2015
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >3' 15'<
 Any language
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Photo of NAFF - Neum Animated Film Festival
Photo of NAFF - Neum Animated Film Festival

Photo of NAFF - Neum Animated Film Festival
Photo of NAFF - Neum Animated Film Festival


Festival start: 26 June 2021      Festival end: 01 July 2021

The tenders are invited for the Neum Animated Film Festival 2021.

The Tenders are invited for the participation in the Competition Part of Neum Animated Film festival 2020. Deadline is antil 15.04.2020. The Neum Animated Film Festival shall take place from 27.06. till 02.07.2020. in Neum

Animated films (duration 15 minutes) can participate. Author can report 3 films. Films that propagandize racism and pornography will not enter competition program. All registrations must fulfill next: 1.HD file of film 2. Filled and signed entry form 3. Photography and biography of director 4. 3 photos from film (minim.) 5. Declaration of author if he is willing to work with children during the camp.

Nagrade festivala su:

- Award for the best fim (proffesional jury)

- Award of auditory (members of drawing school)

- Award for the best animation (leaders of working part of festival)

- Award for the best animation (plasteline-dolls)

- Award for the best music (professional jury)

- Award for the best animated student film

- Award for the best art

- Award of the public

Sixteenth International Animated Film Festival NAFF 2021

The 16th International Animated Film Festival NAFF 2021

Deadline for sending applications and copies: 15.04.2021 / deadline: 15.04.2021.
Stepenište agava 8, 88390 Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

NAFF is an independent legal entity that seeks to promote animated film among the youth of BiH as well as among their peers from other countries.

Its goal is to positively influence through creative meetings and cooperation of young people development of the film industry and culture.


1. Animated films not longer than 15 minutes have the right to participate.

2. The author may submit three films produced in the last three years.

3. Films promoting racism or pornography shall not be included in the competition program.

Date of the festival: from June 26, 2021. to 01.07.2021.

Application deadline: 15.04.2021.

All applications must contain the following:

1. HD movie
2. Completed and signed application form
3. Photograph and biography of the director
4. Photo from the movie
5. Statement of the author whether he is willing to work with children during the camp.

By signing the application form, you authorize the festival to use and publish all the listed materials in the catalog

The number of festival screenings of each film ranges from one to two per day. All selected films will be screened at
the original version.

1. Grand Prix
2. Best 2D animation
3. Best 3D animation
4. The best clay animation - dolls
5. The best music
6. Best student film
7. Fine Arts Award
8. Spectator Award

If the films come from outside the territory of the former Yugoslavia, and are accompanied by dialogues or a speaker's commentary, they must be subtitled in English.

Authors whose films have entered the selection are invited to be guests of the festival throughout its duration. In this case, the festival covers the cost of accommodation and meals for one representative per film. Travel expenses are borne by the authors themselves.



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