Festival Internacional de Cine Hispano (5)

Hispanic International Film Festival


14 Jan 2024
Call for entries

31 Jan 2024
Early deadline

29 Feb 2024
Standard deadline

31 Mar 2024
Late deadline

31 Aug 2024
Extended deadline


15 Sep 2024
Notification date

21 Jun 2025
21 Jun 2025


18670 Coastal Highway,  19971, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, United States

Festival description
Short film festival >2' 59'<
Feature film festival >60' 120'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Required
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >2' 59'<
 Feature Films  >60' 120'<
 Any language
 Any language
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Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine Hispano
Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine Hispano
Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine Hispano
Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine Hispano


Festival start: 21 June 2025      Festival end: 21 June 2025

From the creators of the Depth of Field International Film Festival, Docs Without Borders Film Festival, and the WRPN.tv Women’s International Film Festival (among a few other successful festivals) and, under the umbrella of the WRPN.tv Network we bring you the Hispanic International Film Festival (HIFF)

What makes us different?......

Top-winning films at our other successful festivals have already received distribution through our exclusive distributor relationships:

- Guaranteed distributor review by Worldwide Motion Pictures for features, Adler & Associates for features and shorts, and “Cardinal XD Distribution among others that visit our on-line network, WRPN.tv, every so often.

All for selected: Best of Festival.

- Other festivals claim to invite distributors to a venue: We Deliver Them To You Directly, Guaranteed.

- A festival that runs as a web-based competition PLUS, a few TOP Awards will screen at WRPN.tv sponsored Multi-Festival Event Rehoboth Beach, DE 2021 and Berkeley Springs, WV (At our discretion and by invitation and dependent on COVID-19 status)

- HIFF, with WRPN.TV Entertainment Network, also offers a unique opportunity to show your film to a world-wide community of video fans from dozens of countries that filmmakers would not normally have access to, in the form of an optional on-line video exposure opportunity. This feature is available for "Best Of festival" “Best Of Show,”
“Outstanding Excellence,” “Excellence,” and even some “Exceptional Merit” winners.

HIFF, in cooperation with our distribution colleagues, is proud to offer guaranteed
distributor review to the top winners in Best of Festival Category*:

"Best of Festival Award: Selected by genre, category and country. Presented to an outstanding entries from among the Best of Show Winners."

"Best of Show" selected by genre, category and country, so there will be over one BOS, i.e. BOS Documentary (Domestic), BOS Documentary (Foreign) and so on.

* (Please note: If there is insufficient competition within any category, HIFF reserves the right to withdraw a "Best of" presentation in that category.)

Other award levels include:

“Outstanding Excellence,”
" Excellence,"
" Exceptional Merit,"
"Jury's Choice Award,"
" Merit,"
"Kudos Endeavor,"

Don’t forget Feedback: The one element most festivals ignore.

We do not just ask you to pay a fee, then if rejected, we just forget about you.

With us, rejected films have access to Feedback: The one element most festivals ignore.

Instead of paying submission fees and getting nothing in return,
EVERYONE who submits to HIFF will receive EITHER OF TWO benefits:

Either 1): your film is already competition caliber, and becomes an Official Selection,

OR 2): you’ll receive a letter outlining exactly what is keeping it from being accepted.

If you can make corrections, you resubmit for FREE.
First-time filmmakers: when have you ever received a letter and had the festival explain WHY your film was rejected?

Much less let you resubmit for FREE even the following season (In case you did not have enough time to fix it)


Only ONE of the following is needed to submit:

• Produced or directed by a person of Hispanic Origin.

• Film has a Hispanic Lead and/or supporting actor.

• Film Contains a subject related to Hispanic issues.

Films produced in a non-Spanish speaking country can be submitted, provided that one rule described above applies.

-Films must come from any of the following countries:

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea
Puerto Rico

Films produced in a non-Spanish speaking country can be submitted, provided the other rules described above apply.



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