07 Jul 2020
Call for entries

31 Jan 2021
Festival closed

31 Mar 2021
Notification date

19 Apr 2021
23 Apr 2021


Antonio Genovesi 36, Napoli,  80141, Napoli, Napoli, Italy

Festival description
Short film festival 19'<
Feature film festival 60'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2018
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  19'<
 Feature Films  60'<
 Any language
 Any language
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Festival start: 19 April 2021      Festival end: 23 April 2021


1st edition

International Call for Partecipation for audiovisual works on the themes of the fight against homophobic bullying, gender-based violence, gender identity and sexual orientation bullying, intended for schools of all levels, cinema schools, informal groups and individual directors.

Deadline: January 31, 2021

The Association i Ken ONLUS, who received the loan to the public notice 0001216 of the 01/08/2019 “Cinema for the School – Good Practices, Exhibitions and Festivals” as part of the “International Plan Cinema for the School” promoted by MIUR and MiBAC, promotes the international Call for Partecipation “OMOVIES@SCHOOL” 1st edition


The Jury will allocate the following awards to the 6 categories:

OMOVIES@SCHOOL Award 2020- Best short film-director/school plaque - fiction

OMOVIES@SCHOOL Award 2020- Best short film-director/school plaque - doc

OMOVIES@SCHOOL Award 2020- Best medium-lenght film-director/school plaque - fiction

OMOVIES@SCHOOL Award 2020- Best medium-lenght film-director/school plaque - doc

OMOVIES@SCHOOL Award 2020- Best feature film-director/school plaque - fiction

OMOVIES@SCHOOL Award 2020- Best feature film-director/school plaque - doc

OMOVIES@SCHOOL Award 2020- Best SPOT-director/school plaque

i Ken Award 2020 – a plaque awarded by i Ken, non-profit association, to personalities from the world of entertainment, film, culture committed to the rights of LGBT people.

Andrea, the boy with pink pants Award 2020 – Best film-director according to the Andrea Academy
Special Awards
Special Mentions

The producers of the award-winning short films are committed to cite the award gained in the opening and closing credits of the awarded short film, reporting about the award to the press and on all the advertising and information material both in print and on other media, without exception.

art.8 General rules and procedures
The Festival Management reserves the right to decide on all matters not specified in the regulation. Any changes or additions to this Regulation may be made by the managing board of the festival for organizational reasons, accessible on It is the responsibility of the authors who enroll in the competition to ensure they are legally authorised to do so by any other authorised person. By entering the Competition you exempt from responsibility OMOVIES@SCHOOL Festival managers from any responsibility for use of the work and the awarding of the prize. All matters not covered by this Regulation shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors of the i Ken Association, who have the power to waive the regulations in special and well-motivated cases.
When applying for the festival, you accept and share the rules indicated in art.3 of this Call.
World emergency covid-19
The direction of the festival also reserves the right to communicate to competitors any variations and methods of conducting the festival or anything else inherent to its conduct, by virtue of the new world emergency covid-19, based on compliance with the guidelines and laws which will concern Italian cultural activities and, specifically, cinematographic activities in cinema.

art.1 Conditions of Admission

All works entering the competition must be finalized after January 1, 2018 and must focus on the themes of the fight against homophobic bullying, gender-based violence, gender identity and sexual orientation bullying. The works will be selected without foreclosure of genres (fiction, documentary, animation, video art, dance videos, commercials, etc.). Any work that belongs to the following categories and duration may participate in the contest

 Spot with a maximum length of 3 minutes, including title and credits.

 Short films with a maximum length of 20 minutes, including titles and credits.

 Medium-length films with a maximum length of 60 minutes, including titles and credits.

 Feature films lasting over 60 minutes, including titles and credits.

art.2 Terms and Conditions
Entry is free and opened to schools of all levels, cinema schools, informal groups and individual directors

For registration, participant can use different methods as shown below:

1. Registration through platform

2. Registration via DROPBOX with email address

3. Registration via WeTransfer with email address


For registration via DROPBOX or WeTRansfer, competitors will have to send, in a single folder bearing the competitor’s name, the following files, along with the footage:

 The digital version of the application form (downloadable at filled in with all the required information;

 From 2 to 5 film photographs, jpeg format (at least 800x600 pixels;

 2 close-up photos of the director, jpeg format (at least 800x600 pixels);
In the absence of one of these points the registration will be considered void.

All the works, including those not selected, will become part of OMOVIES Festival and i Ken, non-profit association, archive and can be used for cultural and/or educational purposes, to promote exchanges, cooperation with other institutions, associations, etc. The organizers will assume the obligation to mention the source and to inform the authors and/or copyright holders, in advance. In the case of more than one author presenting the same work, you need to indicate a group leader whose name will be the first one to appear under the voice the Undersigned followed by other authors. The group leader’s personal details will have to be indicated.

In addition, the festival's management intends to specify that for the works selected and included in the festival's programming, no type of economic contribution for their projection is expected during the festival days.

Registration via DROPBOX implies full acceptance of the rules expressed in Art. 3 of this call for participation.

art.3 Regulation

1) Each participant, as required by art. 2 of the call, can participate with no more than 3 (three) works produced after January 1st, 2018.

2) For each work submitted via Dropbox or WeTransfer, you need to complete, sign and deliver a single application (art.2)

3) For the works presented through the platforms (art.2), the information recorded at the time of registration shall be authentic with the full assumption of responsibility by the subscriber.

4) For non-Italian works, not subtitled in Italian, the dialogue script in english must be provided.

5) Dialogue script in Italian even for the Italian language films are highly appreciated, but not compulsory, in order to allow viewing even to a hearing impaired or hard-of-hearing audience.

6) Any legal obligation of copyright about the music, photographic images, video images and all that is contained in the works presented, including pictures of the people being filmed, will be the author 's and/or producer’s sole responsibility.

7) For schools of all levels and for cinema schools, the material must be filled, signed and sent exclusively by the school Principal or by the legal representatives or by delegation from their representatives by attaching the identification document.

8) Any irregularity or default of this Regulation (Art. 3) will void the contest entry.

art. 4 Selection of Works
All submitted works, before being submitted to the juries, will be reviewed and selected, checking the correctness of the requirements (art.1) and compliance with the regulation (art.3), by a committee composed by the direction of OMOVIES @ SCHOOL Festival and by representatives of the no-profit association i Ken.

The Festival managing-board will announce the results of the selection by e-mail at the address indicated by the authors by February 10th 2021. The works selected for the awards, will be divided into two main sections: FICTION and DOCUMENTARY, meanwhile, a different section for the works of the SPOT category is planned. In addition, the works selected for the awards will be further divided according to the genre if there will be a minimum number of five (5) competitors for each category.

The general programming and screening times are the sole responsibility of the organizers of OMOVIES@SCHOOL Festival.

art.5 Jury panel
OMOVIES Festival Management will appoint a general Jury of experts, with the exception of those who have contributed to the creation of the works in competition or may be interested in using them. The general jury will then be divided into as many juries as there are prizes to be awarded and based on the type of works presented in the competition. The voting of the Jury members will be also attended by a representative of OMOVIES Festival with the purpose of providing assistance in the field of regulation and practice. The names of the members of the general Jury, other than recruiters, will be made public at the Press conference of the Festival presentation and announced on the website

The Jury's decisions are unquestionable and final.



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