Uluslararası Gordion Arkeofilm Festivali (1)

International Gordion Archeofilm Festival


26 Apr 2024
Call for entries

09 Aug 2024
Final deadline


29 Aug 2024
Notification date

03 Oct 2024
06 Oct 2024


Yenimahalle Gordion caddesi No:29,  06900, Polatlı, Ankara, Turkey

Festival description
Archeology and Cultural Heritage
Short film festival >5' 30'<
Feature film festival >15' 1000'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2020
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >5' 30'<
 Feature Films  >15' 1000'<
 Any language
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Photo of Uluslararası Gordion Arkeofilm Festivali
Photo of Uluslararası Gordion Arkeofilm Festivali
Photo of Uluslararası Gordion Arkeofilm Festivali
Photo of Uluslararası Gordion Arkeofilm Festivali


Festival start: 03 October 2024      Festival end: 06 October 2024

Today, We stand before you to invite you to be a part of a story that comes from the depths of history. The Gordion Archaeology and Cultural Heritage-themed Gordion Archeofilm Festival is not just a film festival; it is a journey of discovery. This festival offers the opportunity to turn the dusty pages of the past and bring to the screen the most precious stories of human history.
Gordion is known not only as the place where Alexander the Great untied the legendary knot but also as a city with a rich cultural and archaeological heritage. Our festival aims to share this heritage with a global audience. Your works are vital in telling the story of Gordion and keeping its magic alive.

A story can transcend time and space. Your films will take viewers on a journey through the ancient streets of Gordion and offer them a vivid experience of history. This festival is an opportunity to highlight not only the artistic value of your works but also their educational and inspirational aspects.

The Gordion Archeofilm Festival plays a significant role in the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. Your participation will contribute to passing this heritage to future generations and help maintain cultural dialogue. Your films will bring the story of Gordion to the world stage and support the preservation of this unique legacy.

The festival not only offers the chance to showcase your works on an international platform but also the opportunity to network with other filmmakers and archaeologists. Additionally, the workshops, panel discussions, organized during the festival will allow you to engage in in-depth dialogues about your works.

By participating in the Gordion Archeofilm Festival, you will not only be part of a film festival but also take an important step in the promotion and preservation of cultural heritage. We invite you to share the unique story of Gordion with the world and be a part of this enchanting journey.

Archeology and Cultural Heritage Documentary Films Competition: 50,000 TL

Archeology and Cultural Heritage Student Films Competition: 25,000 TL

Supporting institutions and organizations can present the award under their own corporate names.



There will be competitions in two categories at the Gordion Archeofilm Festival.

Archeology and Cultural Heritage Documentary Films Competition

Documentary films on archaeology, anthropology and cultural heritage can apply to the competition.
Archeology and Cultural Heritage Student Film Competition

Student films on archaeology, anthropology and cultural heritage can apply to the competition.

Competition Calendar

Competition Application Start on 26 April 2024
09 August 2024 Application Deadline

Announcement of Finalist Films on 29 August 2024
03 October 2024 Festival Start and Opening

04 October 2024 Movie Screenings
05 October 2024 Movie Screenings
06 October 2024 Award and Closing Ceremony

Participation Conditions

1-Documentaries produced after January 2020 can participate in the competition.

2-Members of the pre-selection committee and selection committee who are involved in the festival organization and their first-degree relatives cannot apply to the competition.

3-Anyone over the age of 18 as of the application date can participate in the competition. In the student films category, there is still a requirement to be a student in formal education.

4-Participation is free.

5-Participants should indicate in the application which category and branch they will participate in.

6-Participants can participate in the competition with more than one work in separate or in the same category.

7-Applications for works are made by the director or producer. If the work is directed by more than one person, the applicant must obtain the written permission of the others and add it to the application. In this case, the award is given to the person who applied. The festival committee, festival secretariat and selection committee are not responsible for any problems that may arise from sharing the award.

8-Productions shot in technical formats suitable for TV broadcast (full HD and 4K with mxf, mov, mp4 etc. extensions) can participate in the competition.

9-Duration of works to participate in the competition; Minimum 15 and maximum 100 minutes in the Archeology and Cultural Heritage Documentary Films Competition. In the Archeology and Cultural Heritage Student Film Competition, the maximum duration is 30 minutes.

10-Promotional films shot for commercial or touristic purposes are not considered documentaries.

11-Episode documentary films prepared as a series cannot apply to the competition.

12-Films participating in the competition must have English subtitles.

13-It is mandatory to send SRT files for the finalist films.


Competitors; You can apply directly to the competition at http://www.gordionfilmfest.org. It can be uploaded to the link www.festhome.com

Requirements for Application

1-Director’s CV (Turkish and English) and photo (300 dpi)

2-Turkish and English summaries of the films that will participate domestically, and English summaries of the films that will participate from abroad.

3-At least five frames from the movie (in high resolution)

4-Poster of the movie (300 dpi) (can be uploaded after pre-selection if it is not ready)

5-Maximum one minute trailer of the movie

6-The competition secretariat may request documents/information about the director and the work If deemed necessary.

7-Documents requested during application will not be returned to their owners. It is kept in the festival archives.


Films that do not meet the criteria will not be evaluated by the preliminary jury.

1-Preliminary jury and Main jury members; It is determined by the Festival Committee and the Festival Secretariat.

2-Preliminary jury and Main Jury; It consists of experts in their fields such as directors, cinema industry employees, critics, producers, actors, artists, academics, and members of cinema-related organizations and archeology. Those who have sufficient qualifications from the festival committee can become preliminary jury and jury members.

3-The preliminary jury presents a maximum of 7 documentary films that meet the criteria and are evaluated in each category to the Selection Committee. Jury; It determines the winners among the films that make it to the finals in each category.

4-The decisions of the preliminary jury and the main jury are final.

5-Preliminary evaluation results will be published on http://www.gordionfilmfest.org. In addition, the results are notified directly or by phone to the e-mail addresses of the authors who passed the preliminary elimination.

6-Films that pass the preliminary elimination and become finalists cannot be withdrawn from the competition under any circumstances.

Announcement of Results

• The winning films will be announced at the awards ceremony to be held on Sunday, October 6, 2024.

• The authors of the works that make it to the finals are required to attend the award ceremony. If he does not participate, he is obliged to send a representative from the film production team.

• Winner of the Archeology and Cultural Heritage Documentary Films Competition
50,000 TL Award and Award Statuette

• Winner of the Archeology and Cultural Heritage Student Film Competition
25,000 TL Award and Award Statuette
Institutions and organizations that contribute to the festival may give special awards upon request.

The prize money won is paid by the Gordion Foundation within 3 (three) months from the date of the Festival, with legal deductions made after the required documents are completed.

General Conditions

1-Cargo, customs, freight and insurance costs arising from participation in the competition belong to the participant.

2-The awards specified in the specifications will be sent by Gordion Foundation to the personal bank account/IBAN numbers of the beneficiaries, which they will notify in writing. If the beneficiaries do not send their personal bank account/IBAN number and the documents and information requested by the regulatory board, the award fee will expire at the end of 1 (one) year from the result notification date. In case of statute of limitations, the right holder cannot claim any reward, royalty or similar.

3-By participating in the competition, all regulations and conditions mentioned in this specification are deemed to have been accepted. The authority to decide on all matters not covered by this specification belongs to the Festival Committee. The Festival Committee reserves the right to make changes to all matters specified in this specification.

Copyright (Use) Rights

1-Productions are presented to the audience and the selection committee in halls deemed appropriate by the festival committee and according to its program.

2-No separate permission is required from the producers of the films for screenings during the festival.

3-During the screenings, changes in the hall or program cannot be suggested by the owners of the works to the festival executive committee or hall officials.

4-The accuracy of all information specified in the application document is binding on the person who signs it. Any legal liability that may arise due to this information belongs to the signatory.

5-Non-original text, images, music, etc. in the work submitted to the competition. Any copyright infringement claims arising from third parties due to their use are the responsibility of the applicant.

7-No participation or screening fees are paid for films that apply to the competition.

8-Sections from the films that won awards and were screened in the competition can be used in films and trailers promoting the festival.


1-Even if the productions that apply for the competition are not selected for the competition, they can be included in the special screening program by the Festival Secretariat with the permission of the producer of the film.

2-The teams of the films competing in the festival are invited to the festival in the number and on the dates determined by the Festival Secretariat.

3-The Festival Committee has the right to exclude from the screening program any films that do not have the necessary technical and legal qualifications for screening.

4-The decision-making authority on matters not specifically specified in this regulation belongs to the Festival Committee.

5-Producers, directors, actors and other people who contribute to the film by participating in the competitions are deemed to have accepted these rules. It is the responsibility of the legal owner of the applicant film to inform the people who contributed to the production of this regulation.



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