Cartón - Festival Internacional De Cortos De Animación De Buenos Aires (13)

Cartón International Animation Short Film Festival


15 Apr 2024
Call for entries

30 Jun 2024
Festival closed

15 Oct 2024
Notification date

09 Nov 2024
14 Nov 2024


Lambaré 873,  1177, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Festival description
Short film festival 15'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2022
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  15'<
 Any language
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Photo of Cartón - Festival Internacional De Cortos De Animación De Buenos Aires
Photo of Cartón - Festival Internacional De Cortos De Animación De Buenos Aires

Photo of Cartón - Festival Internacional De Cortos De Animación De Buenos Aires
Photo of Cartón - Festival Internacional De Cortos De Animación De Buenos Aires


Festival start: 09 November 2024      Festival end: 14 November 2024

CARTON is an international animated film festival whose main objective is to bring together animators, directors, producers, cartoonists, cartoonists, and the entire community to see, enjoy and promote the world of animation as a means of communication and expression of ideas. artistic, technical and political.

The Festival consists of a competitive section of animated shorts. After a pre-selection carried out by the organizing committee, the material is evaluated by a prestigious jury that changes from year to year. Since its inception in 2011, Juan Pablo Zaramella, Tomas Welss, María Verónica Ramirez, Raúl Manrupe, Irene Blei, Salvador Sanz, and Ayar Blasco, among others, have passed through the Carton jury.

The competitive section is divided into the following categories: Fiction/Narrative, Experimental/Non-narrative, Video Clip, Series, Micro-shorts and Training Workshops.
In addition to the competition, the Carton Festival is completed with talks, videoconferences, workshops, feature film screenings and a comic book fair.

• Best Argentine Narrative Short
• Best International Narrative Short
• Best Argentine Video Clip
• Best International Video Clip
• Best Experimental Short/Argentine Video Art
• Best Experimental Short/Inter Video Art.
• Best Argentine Short Film
• Best International Short Film
• Best Series
• Best Short made by Argentine students
• Best short film made by international students
• Special Mentions

A - All short films made from 2022 to the present, recorded on any media, can participate. The works can only be submitted online. For this purpose, the Festhome platform. From this platform, screeners of the works can be sent and the corresponding registration form can be completed there. The file with the .mov or .mp4 extension must be uploaded, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p, full HD, H264 encoding with a quality of up to 2 GB, without a watermark.

B- Authors of any nationality can participate. Works made in languages other than Spanish must be accompanied by SPANISH SUBTITLES, which must be part of the image or in a .srt file.

C- Up to 3 (three) works per filmmaker and per category will be accepted.

D- Works will be received from April 15th to June 30th, 2023. Works submitted after the mentioned date will not be accepted.

E- Together with the work to be entered, the following must be included:
• Two (2) photographs of the short film with a minimum quality of 300 dpi.
• One (1) photograph of the director/s.
• One (1) image of the short film poster, if any.
• Trailer of the short film, if any.
• Social media of the short film, if any.
• Completed registration form.

Just by participating, the director and/or producer of the work agree that it may be included in the CARTÓN video library and authorize its reproduction in future itinerant exhibitions.

F- Short films can be registered in one of the following categories:
• Fiction / Narrative
• Experimental / Video Art
• Music Video
• Micro Shorts (up to 3 minutes)
• Series (See section "G")
• Animation Students (Schools)
• Formation Workshops for Children in Argentina (See section "N")

G - Series Category. Unlike the other categories, material from 2021 onwards will be accepted here. Participation of one episode per series will be admitted. The filmmakers or producers must decide which episode they will submit for the competition. Web series are accepted.

H- The duration of the short films must not exceed 15 (fifteen) minutes in any case. Past that limit, the work will be out of competition. It will depend on the Organizing Committee, in charge of the pre-selection, to decide to project the work out of competition.

I- Filmmakers will authorize the use of the material sent for the promotion of the Festival and assume the authorship of the short films and undertake not to present audiovisual materials and/or phonographs on which they do not have usage rights. Exhibition rights are the responsibility of the Festival and no screening fees will be paid. On the other hand, the Festival organization is not responsible for the works or for the inappropriate use of intellectual property rights by the authors. the Festival will not provide any kind of financial compensation to the participants and/or winners.

J- the Festival organization will carry out a pre-selection of the received material. The selected material will be allocated to the Official Competition and Official Showcase (non-competitive) sections, and the decisions in this regard will be final. The list of selected short films will be made public in the second week of October 2024, and the filmmakers whose works are selected for the competition will be informed by email about the day their work will be exhibited. The organization reserves the right to relocate a work to another category if necessary or deemed appropriate.

K- The organizing committee will appoint a Jury of distinguished personalities in the field who will award prizes in the competitive categories.

L- The awards will be divided as follows:
• Best Argentine Narrative Short Film
• Best International Narrative Short Film
• Best Argentine Music Video
• Best International Music Video
• Best Argentine Experimental / Video Art Short Film
• Best International Experimental / Video Art Short Film
• Best Argentine Micro-Short Film
• Best International Micro-Short Film
• Best Series
• Best Short Film made in School
• Special Mentions

The prizes may be declared void, and the jury's decision will be final. In all cases (except for the mentions), a diploma and/or statuette will be awarded. In the case of new prizes being added through sponsors, they will be announced before the Festival starts.

M - The announcement and award ceremony will take place during the Festival's closing day. The winning short films are required to include the prize received accompanied by the Festival logo in their initial credits.

N - Training Workshops for Children (Argentina only). In this category, any educational institution that introduces its students to the world of animation can participate. The institution may belong to the public or private sector. Special Education schools will also be considered in this item. The screening of all the material received for this showcase will depend on the total minutes received and the time available that the Festival's organization has for this purpose. If necessary, a selection of the received material will be made.

IMPORTANT: Material that does not comply with any of these Rules will not be accepted. Failure to comply with the presentation requirements will exclude the material from the competition. By merely registering the material, the knowledge and acceptance of the rules and conditions are assumed.

The Spanish language version shall prevail for the resolution of any controversy regarding the terms and conditions.



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