El Ojo Iluso (5)

the illusive eye


29 Feb 2024
Call for entries

15 Mar 2024
Early deadline

26 Mar 2024
Standard deadline

01 Apr 2024
Late deadline

15 Apr 2024
Festival closed

30 Apr 2024
Notification date

20 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024


carrera 17 entre pasaje acueducto y calle 10,  5001, San Cristóbal, Tachira, Venezuela

Festival description
Short film festival 15'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2022
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  15'<
 Any language
English Spanish
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Photo of El Ojo Iluso
Photo of El Ojo Iluso

Photo of El Ojo Iluso
Photo of El Ojo Iluso


Festival start: 20 June 2024      Festival end: 22 June 2024

With the name Illusive Eye the optical process by which animation occurs in our brain by generating movement from the illusion produced by the rapid exposure to images in sequence is evoked. Animation offers the construction of credible universes, capable of freeing us from the limits of immediate reality.

With the coming of current communication technologies, animation has gained even more ground than it had in Film, Didactics and Videogames. Now, with the internet and the power of cell phones, mobile applications and the interconnection of devices and institutions with the network, animation has become an essential part of the language of interaction between the user and the world.

This audiovisual language has extended its discursive horizons as far as the human imagination reaches, and technically its evolution has allowed it to overcome reality by opening a fantastic vortex that provides immersive experiences and high doses of empathy as well as tons of fans of all ages and throughout the world, developing any theme with great aesthetic contributions and various levels of depth.

In honor of this abyss of creativity and as an invitation to immerse ourselves in it, this meeting space has been created for creators, scholars and amateurs. Looking to show not only its strength in the current film narrative but the presence of other types of speeches built on this means of visual expression: GIFs, memes, stickers, emoticons, headers, symbols for social networks, interface elements, banners, promotions , and any type of element generated from the illusion of an eye.

1. From february 29, 2024 the call for papers is opened.

2. The final limit for the reception of short films is april 15, 2024. The event will take place on june 20-22, 2024 in San Cristóbal, Táchira, Venezuela.

3. The El Ojo Iluso Festival does not require the exclusivity of the participating works. Works that have been premiered or entered in other contests, festivals or samples can participate. Even be available online. Still, you are welcome to sign up.

4. The production date of the work must not be before January 1, 2022. 5. The competition categories are:

• Best Animated Short Film
• Best advertising animation
• Best Infographic, Instructional or Didactic Animation
• Best Animated Music Video Clip
• Best Animated Video Art
• Best Animation for social networks
• Best Animation for User Interfaces (UI) Applications, Videogames and / or Web Pages
• Best Animation of Logos or Visual Identity Marks
• Best Animated Visual Effects (VFX)
• Best Animated children's short film

6. Short films that are not spoken in Spanish must include subtitles in this language.

7. Works of all themes are accepted.

8. Participants from any region of Venezuela and other countries are welcome.

9. The participation of professional filmmakers as well as students and amateurs is allowed.

10. The reception of works will be digital. Participants outside of Venezuela must register through the Festhome platform. While Venezuelans must request the registration form through elojoiluso@gmail.com

11. More than one job per director is accepted. However, registration does not guarantee selection at the festival.

12. For participants residing outside Venezuela, we request a collaboration, to support the production of the event, in consideration of a current phenomenon of national hyperinflation that we are going through and seriously affects the development of our activities. For Venezuelans, registration has no cost.

13. The selected short filmmakers will receive a digital certificate as participants and laurel of selected or winner of some category.

14. The costs of manufacturing the statuette and shipping are borne by the winner, this if you want the trophy.

15. The Festival Organizing Committee assumes the responsibility of presenting a quality program to the public, subject to a curatorial process that will consist of our official selection of short films as well as special samples, conferences and workshops. Additionally, we are responsible for appointing a specialized jury and providing them with the material and evaluation criteria necessary to achieve adequate and satisfactory work for the public and participants. Likewise, we guarantee suitable conditions for the worthy projection of the selected works.


1 Animated short film: Refers to narrative works, whose objective is the entertainment or cultural fabrication of a narrative message.

2 Advertising or Promotional Animation: Any animated material (or that contains animation as part of its composition) in which promotion is made to an event or direct advertising to a product or service.

3 Infographic, instructional or didactic animation: All animation for didactic, educational, instructional, infographic, signage or informational purposes, that are fully animated or that make use of animation as a complementary language / enhancer of speech / audiovisual message.

4 Animated intro / outro: Animated, final or initial titles of an audiovisual product of any genre, format or platform (short film, series, feature film, cinema, television, videogame, mobile app, etc.), even if it does not contain animation.

5 Animated Music Clip: All animated work developed specifically for a piece of music.

6 Animated Video Art: All animation work whose technical and discursive elaboration responds to inquiries and aesthetic intentions.

7 Animation for social networks: The coexistence of GIFs, stickers, emoticons, and any symbol that has changes over time to be considered an animation, and not a still image, developed only for use in the field of social networks is allowed and communication by applications of this type.

8 Animation for User Interfaces (UI) Applications, Videogames and / or Web Pages: Headers, lettering, gifs, navigation symbols, banners, character movements, and any animation element used in a digital environment, whether by an application , videogame or a web portal.

9 Animation of Logos or Visual Identity Marks

10 Animated Visual Effects (VFX): For both animated and real-action audiovisual products intervened or complemented with animation; be these in 2D or 3D, and in any technique and style.

11 Animated children's short film: Refers to narrative works, whose objective is the entertainment or cultural fabrication of a narrative message appropriate for children.



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