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18 Oct 2023
Call for entries

26 Nov 2023
Festival closed

30 Nov 2023
Notification date

01 Dec 2023
02 Dec 2023


Sainte ANNE ,  22300, Lannion , bretagne , France

Festival description
Short film festival >2' 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >2' 30'<
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Photo of Gouel Hir Filmoù Berr
Photo of Gouel Hir Filmoù Berr
Photo of Gouel Hir Filmoù Berr
Photo of Gouel Hir Filmoù Berr


Festival start: 01 December 2023      Festival end: 02 December 2023

Festival of short films in Brittany or Celtic languages.



The Gouel Hir Film and Berr short film festival is organized by the Div Yezh Lannuon association. The 2 edition will take place from December 1 and 2, 2023. The festival is held in Lannion (22300) in Trégor, in Brittany.


The Gouel Hir Filmù Berr festival aims to:

Disseminate and promote the languages and cultures of Brittany as well as so-called “inter-Celtic” friendships;

• Distribute and promote the short film to all audiences; • Support cinematographic creation;
• Encourage and reveal talents;
Promote meetings and exchanges between directors, the public and professionals;
Offer a unique cultural event in Brittany.

The festival is structured around: • the screening of short films from a competition of short films in the Breton, Gallic or Celtic language, split into 2 sections: ◦ Competition of new or existing films ◦ Competition of young school films or in associations.
• animation around cinema, images and/or Breton.

Competition rules

Art.1 - Participation in the competition

The competition is open to everyone. And in particular to professionals, amateurs, associations and schools.

Art.2 - General conditions of participation

The theme is free.

• The film must be in whole or in part (50% minimum) in the Breton or Celtic or Welsh language
• subtitles in French
• The length of films, including credits, must be between 3 minutes and 30 minutes;
• A director can present several films.

Art.3 - Registration

Registration for the competition can only be done via the platform https://festhome.com/festival/gouel-hir-filmou-berr
by submitting works in digital format.

Any deposit follows the creation of an account on the platform. Registration of the film to the festival is free; Registrations are open until November 27, 2023 inclusive.

Art.4 - Final official selection

Viewing committees made up of members of the committee organizing the competition will make a pre-selection.

The festival team reserves the right to refuse a work, for any production that is judged:

• violates respect for the dignity of people (discriminatory, offensive comments, pornographic content, etc.); • in contradiction with the laws in force;
• contrary to good morals and/or public order.

The complete list of films selected in competition will be announced no later than November 28, 2023. Only selected participants will be notified by email of their selection.

A participant cannot withdraw a film from the competition once registrations have closed.
Certain films, not selected for the competition, may be screened out of competition during the festival.

Art.5 - Deposit of works

The works can be submitted on the platform https://festhome.com/festival/gouel-hir-filmou-berr

They will be: • In digital format (MP4, AVI, OGG) ideally in HD.

For schools and associations (youth film competition) there are no standards and the possibility of filming with the phone.
• Pay attention to the quality of sound recording!

Art.6 - Broadcasting rights

All participants authorize the festival to freely use images and extracts from selected films (maximum 2min) for the purpose of promoting the event (advertising, reports, news, broadcasts, social networks, website), without the latter cannot claim any remuneration.

Excerpts from the films may be used to create the teaser for promotional purposes. As part of access to broadcasting rights, subject to respect for the moral rights of their authors, participants transfer in full to the festival the right to broadcast the short films selected as part of the competition for the Festival. GHFB, without the latter being able to claim any remuneration.

The participants guarantee the festival the full and peaceful enjoyment of the rights assigned so that the association cannot be disturbed or sought for disturbance, claim or eviction of any nature whatsoever.

Art.7 - Image rights

Participants undertake to respect the image rights of the people filmed and to have them sign a free transfer form for the rights to their image. Likewise, if a minor is filmed, it is necessary to ensure the written agreement of the holders of parental authority.

Finally, participants must ensure written consent from the owners when private or public property is filmed.

Participants guarantee that they are in possession of all authorizations for image rights of the people appearing in the image (signed by the holders of parental authority for minors.

They guarantee the festival against any recourse from third parties having its object or cause, principal or incidental, in the content of its application file.

Participants undertake to provide these forms for the free transfer of rights to their image within 8 days in the event of a request from the festival. A standard transfer form can be sent to each participant upon simple request. Participants undertake to freely authorize the festival organizing association to reproduce and distribute their images collectively or individually, or images representing them, collectively or individually, directly or indirectly, for publications and public communication (by any means) and on any medium to enable the promotion of the competition. All participants authorize, in advance, the festival to cite their first and last name for communication purposes about the competition.

Art.8 - Processing and protection of personal data

As part of registration for the festival, the association is required to collect, use and process various personal data of participants. They are kept for the entire duration of the project and up to 15 years afterwards. They are intended for the proper implementation of the event. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, participants can exercise the right to access data concerning them and have it rectified by contacting us.

Art.9 – Acceptance

Any registration implies acceptance of these regulations.



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