29 Sep 2022
Call for entries

04 Nov 2022
Festival closed

11 Nov 2022
Notification date

01 Dec 2022
04 Dec 2022



Festival description
Short film festival 15'<
Feature film festival 90'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  15'<
 Feature Films  90'<
 Any language
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Festival start: 01 December 2022      Festival end: 04 December 2022

The PAF festival supports and promotes the training of emerging artists and opens this space considering three main pillars that collaborate in the consolidation of the value chain of the national and international animation industry: educate, connect and multiply, focusing on Central America and the Caribbean region. Education, through its free and specialized workshops held to support emerging and amateur talent, also educates the public by providing national and international works of quality and variety in their proposals; connects national and international talent and collaboration possibilities to develop projects; multiplies growth and development possibilities through networking, contact with recognized personalities in the middle of the animation and the possibility of exhibiting the selected works and / or winners in other platforms allied to the festival. As a result, collaborative work among filmmakers, producers, distributors, and exhibitors is fostered, with which it is desired to exalt the language and creativity of Central American and Caribbean talent.

Prizes will be awarded to the aforementioned categories. These are personal and non-transferable.
The Recognition award includes a Certificate and the official laureate.

The participating projects in the OFFICIAL SECTION IN COMPETITION will be awarded by the jury in the following manner.

Best Panamanian Animation: Recognition award.
Best Animation of fiction: Recognition award.
Best Commercial Animation: Recognition award.
Best Documentary Animation: recognition award.
Best Emerging talent: Recognition award.
Best Green Animation, environmental awareness: Recognition award.
Best Animated Gif: Honorific Mention.
Best Student Animation: Honorific Mention.
Best VideoClip Animation: Honorific Mention.

The PANAMA ANIMATION FESTIVAL will grant HONORABLE MENTIONS if the jury so provides. THE JURY reserves the right not to grant all the prizes, if within the proposals it does not find an offer that goes with the lines of the PANAMA ANIMATION FESTIVAL.


1.1 They will be able to participate in the 5º PANAMA ANIMATION FESTIVAL 2022, filmmakers and students of animation, graphic design, social communication or other disciplines related to animation, from all continents, as participants. In case of not being selected, these works could be taken into account by the selection committee so that they make up the Official Non-Competitive Selection to be exhibited as a sample.

1.2. The works will be accepted as feature films and short films, however the award will be unique for each category (one award per category).
1.3. The maximum duration of the works will be: short films 15 minutes and feature films up to 90 minutes. These may have been shot on any system, both analog and digital.
1.4. The works must have finished their production between 2021-2022.
1.5. Proposals may be sent through one of the following channels:
- Web: The registration of the works must be done through the Festhome platform. There, you must complete the registration form, as well as attach the required documents (2 photos of promotional material, 1 photo of the director, synopsis no more than 6 lines, Arial font 12, optional send a "behind the scenes" in photos or video).
- Email for consultations regarding the process.
NOTE: See point 5 to see the format in which the works should be presented and See point 7 for all the documents to be presented.
1.6. All those projects whose original dialogues are not in Spanish, must be subtitled in that language (burned on the image). If not, they will be rejected.
1.7. The Organization will agree on the selection, date and order of exhibition of the works that participate in the PANAMA ANIMATION FESTIVAL 2020 and of any itinerant project subsequent to the Festival. In the latter case, only those works in which the person responsible for each work expressly authorizes will be screened.
1.8. Registration has a fee to participate in the festival.
1.9. Proposals received after the closing date of the call are excluded from participating.
1.10. Participation in all Festival activities is mandatory. For foreign filmmakers, discounts will be applied to lodging and transportation to and from Panama City, in case of attending Festival activities.


3.1. The Official Jury, made up of professionals from the national and international media, culture and communication will be responsible for awarding the awards. The awards will be granted to the Director of the work.
3.2. The decisions of both the Selection Committee and the Official Jury will be unappealable.
3.3. The Jury reserves the right to declare prizes and deserted mentions, if they do not find works that go with the line that represents the Festival.
3.4. The jury's decision will be public at the close of the PANAMA ANIMATION FESTIVAL 2020
3.5. The Jury will evaluate the script, production, direction, and the technical and artistic resources with which the participating production was executed.


5.1 Video files in H264 or AppleProRes Quicktime (.mov) or H264 (.mp4) formats are accepted in the native size.
5.2 You can send proposals by WeTransfer platforms, Google Drive, Dropbox. If you have very large files we recommend Filemail or MyAirBridge, which are free.
5.3 It is preferable that the files are not larger than 10GB.
5.4 Mega downloads are not accepted.
5.5 All those projects whose original dialogues are not in Spanish, must be subtitled in that language (burned on the image). If not, they will be rejected.


Each production must have the script registration rights and the participant of the: 5º PANAMA ANIMATION FESTIVAL 2022 must be responsible for the image rights of the people that appear in their videos, as well as the rights to the soundtrack and / or original music. And as a final point, the registration implies the acceptance of all the bases.
In the event that the participant fails to comply with the conditions stipulated in national and international legislation regarding copyright matters, he will be obliged to assume the legal consequences that this act entails and must compensate the festival for that reason, in case third parties present accusations to that effect.


For local and foreign filmmakers registration will be done online during the aforementioned date, they must accept the rules of the contest, and send the registration form along with the following requirements:
- Technical Sheet - Artistic
- One (1) Photograph of the work (in .jpg format, minimum 300 dpi resolution)
- Two (2) photos of the promotional material of the work
- One (1) Photograph of the director (in .jpg format, minimum 300 dpi resolution)
- Letter signed and scanned by the creative team: director, scriptwriter, producer and / or owner of the film, where he authorizes the PANAMA ANIMATION FESTIVAL to show his proposal. The people who sign must include a copy of their personal identity document.
- It is optional to present material in images or video of the "behind the scenes" of the production.

All the information requested must be sent by for consultations send an email to



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