Madrid FCM-PNR Film Festival opens in Festhome!

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Pubblicato: 08 May 2020


For the first time, the Festival De Cine De Madrid - PNR opens its call for entries in Festhome.

It’s a true pleasure for the Festhome team to welcome the Festival de cine de Madrid in our platform for the first time, festival run by the Plataforma de nuevos realizadores.

You may submit your film entries here.

The COVID-19 crisis will leave a mark on the festival's 29th edition, like in all other festivals. The Festival De Cine De Madrid - PNR will take place in October, 2020, from 6th through 11th.


The Festival De Cine De Madrid - PNR is already an event with its own identity in the city of Madrid. It is one of the oldest cinema related events in the city, and since its first edition in 1991 it has become established as an essential showcase for emerging productions to which it gives room and promotion, therefore gathering the best selection out of the diverse national film production that is not theatrically released in our country.

Focusing on films from new filmmakers, it is a meeting point in a permanent search for new narratives and creators in need of a new space from which they can be heard. Its own differentiated identity makes its audience grow stronger year after year and it is also renewed with new generations of viewers and authors, many of which will be in years to come the ones showing their films to the audience and who will be attracted by the latter, as has happened in all previous editions. Ultimately, it is one of the annual mandatory events for the film-going public in Madrid, and it has a relevant stature in the national festival circuit, which is one of the reasons why it is included in the pre-selection for the Best Short Film nomination for the Goya Awards organized by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science of Spain.

Video summary of the 28th Festival de cine de Madrid on Vimeo. Festival de cine de Madrid FCM-PNR on Vimeo.

In its last edition, the festival screened in excess of 200 films in 9 different theatres, and it also organized meetings with filmmakers and young programmers, national and international homages… It is an essential event for all filmmakers.


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