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Stop Motion Mx


19 mar 2018
Inizio delle iscrizioni

30 giu 2018
Festival chiuso

31 lug 2018
Data della notifica

16 ago 2018
18 ago 2018


Romero de Terreros 1357,  03020, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de México, Mexico

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Festival del cortometraggio >1' 30'<

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 Festival del cinema
 Music Video
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 Non ha tasse d'iscrizione
 Festival Internazionale
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 gennaio 2012
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Photo of  Festival Stop Moton Mx / Stop Motion Mx Film Festival
Photo of  Festival Stop Moton Mx / Stop Motion Mx Film Festival
Photo of  Festival Stop Moton Mx / Stop Motion Mx Film Festival
Photo of  Festival Stop Moton Mx / Stop Motion Mx Film Festival


Inizio del Festival: 16 agosto 2018      Festival si chiude: 18 agosto 2018

Animation professionals, either as individuals or as collectives, may participate, as well as film-makers, visual artists, students and general public.

1. Registration to Stop Motion Mx is free. The cost of mail delivery and registration from the online platform (FESTHOME) will be borne by the participants and includes the form.

2. Individual or collective group of professional animators, filmmakers, visual artists, students or general public can participate

3. Deadline to deliver projects is june 15 2018.

4. All films produced in January 2010 to June 2018 can participate in this competition.

5. Each film has to be presented with a entry form.

* Advertising spot - Any product or service
* Music video - animation inspired by or produced specifically for a song
* Experimental - free expression of a concept or idea without narrative rules
* Professional - larger budgeted and professionally organized commercial or independent productions
* Animation for children - animation films targeted to children audiences
* Student - animation films produced with the aid, support or supervision of an education institution
*National- Only Mexican´s productions.

7. Any film fashioned in it's majority with stop motion animation techniques and with a maximum lenght of 30 minutes can participate.

8. All participants must own the creative rights to the works they submit

9. Films with foreign languages must include spanish or english subtitles.

10. The winners films of the SMMX last editions cannot participate.

11. Each film selected by SMMX commitee will become part of the library of the festival. Selected participants will be notified by email.

12. SMMX selection commitee ( conformed by an international group of animation professionals ) will award each category in the competition. The commitee's decision will be unquestionable.

13. 4 accreditations for the award ceremony, festival parties, and press conferences will be given to every film selected as a finalist for each category.

Travel, transportation and lodging expenses will be borne by finalists.

14. The winners of the competition will be announced during the closure of SMMX 2018.

15. Any unexpected situation in this open call be resolved by the SMMX commitee.

16. Participants yield the rights to their works to SMMX for non-commercial and non-economic exhibition of their films during the festival and any other activities derived from it. SMMX won't generate economic profit from any of these activities.

17. Every participant submitting his/her/their film implicitly accepts the rules of this competition.

18. Participants who do not comply with the requirements and rules of this competition will be disqualified.

19. Understanding that all submitted materials should comply with the requirements here exposed, participants disclaim SMMX from any legal responsibility towards the films submitted in this competition.



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