Giove International Film Festival (2)


29 ago 2023
Inizio delle iscrizioni

01 nov 2023
Scadenza iniziale

01 feb 2024
Scadenza standard

01 mag 2024
Scadenza finale

31 lug 2024
Scadenza estesa


04 ago 2024
Data della notifica

23 ago 2024
23 ago 2024


1 Piazza Alberto Duval,  67030, Campo di Giove, L'Aquila, Italy

Descrizione del Festival
Festival del cortometraggio 40'<
Festival del lungometraggio >41'
Script / Pitch projects

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 Music Video
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 Ha tasse d'iscrizione
 Festival Internazionale
 Posizione fisica
 Data di produzione: Qualsiasi
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Photo of Giove International Film Festival
Photo of Giove International Film Festival
Photo of Giove International Film Festival
Photo of Giove International Film Festival


Inizio del Festival: 23 agosto 2024      Festival si chiude: 23 agosto 2024

In the historic enchanted village of Campo di Giove, in the province of L'Aquila, the second edition of the "Giove International Film Festival" will take place during the summer program organized by the "Pro Loco Campo di Giove".

Short Films from all over the world will be screened live in an evening dedicated to the seventh art in a location surrounded by greenery and full of tourists who populate this diamond of the Majella National Park every year during the summer.

With your submission you automatically considered also for Technical & Performance Awards.

Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker and each entry may be entered in multiple categories.

Official Certificate and Live Screening for the Winners of the following categories:

- Best International Short Film
- Miglior Cortometraggio Italiano
- Best Feature Film
- Best Documentary Feature
- Best Feature Script
- Best Short Script
- Best TV Pilot Script
- Best Photography
- Best Documentary Short
- Best Animation Short
- Best Comedy Short
- Best Drama Short
- Best Experimental Short
- Best First-Time Filmmaker Short
- Best Horror Short
- Best Micro Short
- Best Music Video
- Best Nature/Environmental Short
- Best Sci-Fi Short
- Best Student Short
- Best Thriller Short

Official Laurel for all the Official Selected Movies.

With your submission you automatically accept our Rules and Terms!

1. Only work created after 2017 is acceptable.

2. You agree to use parts of your film (including trailer/teaser/film poster/stills) for promotional purpose.

3. Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker and each entry may be entered in multiple categories.

4. Entry fees are non-refundable.

5. By submitting to the festival you confirm that you own the rights to the work submitted.

6. No short films longer than 40 minutes.

7. No Premiere status is required.

8. We do not accept extremist or propaganda content from religious or political organizations.

9. If your movie will be selected for a live screening session, we do not pay for accomodations or any other expenses.

10. Films in languages other than Italian only be accepted with Italian or, at least, English subtitles.

11. Only the movies notified 7-30 days before the live event via mail will be screened.

12. You agree that we can use your email address for newsletter, promotional purpose or to share it with other film industry profiles to improve your chance to meet other people of the industry to help each other. The other film industry profiles like Film Festivals, Producers, Filmmakers etc., can used your email in the same terms.
Write us if you don't agree with this point in the cover letter of your submission or via email. In any case your email address will never be shared with 3rd parts, but could be shared only with our submissions mailing list or with Film Industry profiles.

13. "Giove International Film Festival" DOES NOT PAY SCREENING FEES.

14. You confirm that you have all rights of your project.

15. If the movie is not in Italian, in case of screening selection we will ask you a SUB-ITA or at least a SUB-ENG version of your movie.

16. The Festival will give screening priority to films with representatives. The priority is for those who are at the Festival (Including Local Filmmakers). If you are not able to come but your project win something, we will sent your certificate via email.

With your submission you also accept all the Rules & Terms of FestHome.

Judging Process

All submissions will be viewed in their entirety. Submissions will be judged and scored based on criteria including: quality of screenplay, acting, production quality, originality, technical proficiency, cinematography, sound design, editing and set design. We support indie filmmaking and will award additional points to shorts produced on a micro budget and/or minimal crew.

The annual winner movies selected for live screening will be notified via mail between 7-31 days before the event (it depends from your date of selection).

If you don't receive a screening notification, you are not selected for our live screening event, the official selection represents a fnalist status.

The directors of submitted films that are accepted will be notified via e-mail.

Venue & Event Date
The Festival venue or the event date could be change during the organization due to events, technical choices or circumstances.

Fee Waivers
We work hard to keep our submission fees as low as possible – consequently we cannot provide fee waivers.




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