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18 Jul 2018

Published: 08 Jul 2018
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Short films

Short film award for international works that show, under various aspects, the importance of fields, agriculture and the community through cinema.

These are the fields that produce what we eat, which allow us to affirm the human capacity to enrich nature and to reap its benefits, but it is the community that, through human interactions, relationships and rules, is able to guarantee survival and the well-being of man.

As part of the 2018 edition dedicated to the theme "If I stay, it's because ..." Corto has headed a collaboration with the Slow Food Condotta of Avellino, aimed at investigating the ways in which the cinema tells the campaign and the community

We are not just looking for stories of agriculture but stories that tell us how people, through agriculture, are still willing to invest in the human, to bet on a piece of land not only to secure a job but also to reaffirm the relationship of man with nature, with things, animals and with the community that surrounds them. Particular attention will also be given to food as a product of sustainable and human-scale agriculture that in turn goes to support the culture and sense of belonging of each community.

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Photo of Corto e a capo
Photo of Corto e a capo
Photo of Corto e a capo
Photo of Corto e a capo

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