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11 Nov 2019

Published: 02 Jun 2019
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Traditionally, Queens World includes a well-attended multi-day annual film festival, year-round screening opportunities for QWFF alumni, special events to bring the Indie film community together and an educational initiative for youth and seniors. Just like everyone else, we are keeping it fluid and responding to the needs of the Indie Film community.

The 10th Annual Fest was scheduled to March 19 - 29, 2020 at the Museum of Moving Image and the Zukor Theater at Kaufman-Astoria Studios. When we were closed on March 16, we changed course and opened on time - online - with 191 films from 32 nations which garnered over 30,000 views.

After the festival Queens World poduced Wednesday Nights @9, 19 live weekly broadcasts that identified individuals and organizations as our 'Hero of the Week'. In their honor, we curated a block of films by filmmakers working in similar themes which ran from Sunday to Sunday on Vimeo. On Wednesday nights we gathered the Heroes and the Filmmakers of the Week to discuss their work. We ran for 19 weeks and gathered over 19,000 views.

In preparation for Q11, we are working with our venues and our partners to maximize all available resources for the festival. We will use our signature thematic programming, grouping films together to create specific cinematic experiences and each screening event will be accompanied by Filmmaker Q&As. Our plans for June 2021 include both a virtual and a live event with some very exciting global elements that we will share with you at a later date.

While this is a tough time on our planet, now is not the time to stop communicating, to stop looking for what will heal us, or to stop gathering. Queens World remains focused on ideas, stories with heart, films with a point of view and artists who challenge..

This year we are concentrating on HOPE as our theme.
H - Healing
O - Opportunities
P - Promote
E – Equity

We are interested in films that examine, explore, defy, contradict and support our theme. The very act of making and completing a film is hopeful.

Show us what you believe in.
Bring your craft and let's see what you got.
Bring it.

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Photo of Queens World Film Festival
Photo of Queens World Film Festival
Photo of Queens World Film Festival
Photo of Queens World Film Festival

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