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30 Apr 2020

Published: 22 Jan 2020
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The 16th annual SiciliAmbiente Film Festival will take on July 15-20, 2024.

The aim of SiciliAmbiente Film Festival is to promote independent cinema and documentary cinema, and to encourage creative exchange and networking among the directors.

This Festival is organized and sponsored by Demetra Produzioni SAS and CANTIERE 7 Cultural Association, and made possible by public and private partners and sponsors who share in the same ethical principles of the Festival.
Films dealing with the following themes may participate: Environment, Anthropology, Human Rights, Biodiversity, War, Integration, Civil Rights, Sustainable Development and the Relationship between Man and the Environment.

The Festival is divided into different sections:

Documentary Film contest (minimum rt: 31 minutes)

Fiction Feature Film contest (minimum rt: 70 minutes)

Short Film contest for Fiction and Documentary shorts (maximum rt: 31 minutes)

Animated short film contest (maximum rt: 31 minutes)

Overview of documentaries, fiction, short films and several tributes, retrospectives, seminars and panel discussions
The Selection Committee will choose based on the quality of writing and images and the general use of a creative language identifying artistic documentary cinema.


Submission requirements

Documentaries (31’ or more), Feature films (70’ or more), Short and Animated films (31’ or less) of any nationality may be submitted for the selection process, provided that they were completed after January 1, 2023.

If selected, the format for the projection of the film may be:
· Unencrypted DCP
· Blu-ray DVD
· Apple ProRes File
· File H264

Other formats must be approved by the Festival Management.
Screening fees may not be requested and will not be paid for the contests.

Films in any language other than Italian must be subtitled in English or Italian and, if selected for the final phase of competition, they must be sent to the festival with the requested presentation materials and the English dialogue list.

Films to be presented in the Short film and Animated film sections must be shorter than 31 minutes or they will be excluded.

No screening fees can be requested by the representatives of the films submitted for the contest.
The Festival may choose to invite selected films into the contest.

Some of the films not selected for the short film and animated film contests may be selected for a non-competitive section.

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Short film festival

Feature film festival

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Photo of Siciliambiente Film Festival
Photo of Siciliambiente Film Festival
Photo of Siciliambiente Film Festival
Photo of Siciliambiente Film Festival

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