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31 Dec 2020

Published: 25 Mar 2020
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Falcon International Film Festival is changing the way that people think of short films. We are looking for the very best short films that are entertaining and tell a story. The sort of short films that people want to watch. That makes them laugh. Or cry. That shock and surprise.


The new season is now open!! Send your movie and win our trophy.

The FIFFLONDON is a monthly festival with yearly live screening in London that awards the best movies from every corner of the planet.

The winners of the monthly edition will automatically enter the annual competition, free of charge.

We strongly believe that every movie is the result of hard work and, as such, they deserve our jury’s full attention during the evaluation and the best works deserve our acknowledgment and appreciation.

The selected movies, as well as the winners, will receive a golden laurel wreath, which can be used in advertising material.

Winning films are announced on our website and our social media page.

FIFFLONDON is a monthly film competition. Each month, our Jury will award the best films through private screenings. The Best Picture monthly winners will compete in December 2021 for the Best of Fest award (best film of the year). FIFFLONDON’s annual judging team will select the winners in all the main categories, such as Narrative Film, Documentary and Animation.

As a part of this festival occurs every month, there are more chances to hang the golden laurel on your favourite movies!

Films entered in multiple categories may win multiple awards.

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Photo of Falcon International Film Festival
Photo of Falcon International Film Festival
Photo of Falcon International Film Festival
Photo of Falcon International Film Festival

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