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31 Jul 2020

Published: 18 Apr 2020
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Grounded a film festival project which is aiming to provide a record of these unusual times, caused by Corona virus which has forced the population to self isolate and remain at home.
The project is supported by many organisations and individuals and is open to everyone who wishes to create a film during the period of isolation.
The film can be made individually or with the help of others who are self isolating, on any subject matter and any genres, using cameras, or mobile phones, or computer generated animation, in any language with running time between 2 to 15 minutes.
All submissions would be previewed and short listed before appearing on MIFF site which would be open to public for viewing.
The selected films would be assessed by panel of judges and short listed for the GFF award to be presented at the awards ceremony.
The finalists would receive an awards certificate authenticated by the Marbella International Film Festival to be displayed on social media as well as other sites.
The winner shall be invited to the prestigious MIFF awards ceremony being held in October 2020 at the beautiful city of Marbella, and to attend the gala night where they will collect the award for the best film.

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Photo of grounded film festival
Photo of grounded film festival
Photo of grounded film festival
Photo of grounded film festival

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