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Paraná, Argentina

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25 Aug 2020

Published: 29 Apr 2020
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PIFF 2020

I - Article 1
The 3rd edition of the PIFF Festival will take place in the city of Paraná, from September 3 to September 10, 2020, being the “Espacio Jai” the place for screenings and physical presentations; The awards ceremony will also be held in the aforementioned. The “ONLINE PIFF 2020” will begin on August 17 until September 3 inclusive, and the films will be posted on the festival's channel that it has on the “Youtube” platform. Both schedules are competitive, and different from each other.

I - Article 2 The headquarters of the Paraná Festival is located at the following address: Civil Association B. Pedro Lemebel, Santos Vega 1754, premises 9, 10 and 11, "El Sol" Commercial Gallery. Its official Fanpage: PIFF: Link: https: // Paraná (Facebook) offers detailed information and indicates how to contact the Festival and its different departments.

I - Article 3 The PARANA INDEPENDENT INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, which is integrated equally by the Transmedia Argentina Group, and the CICVE (Research Center in Experimental Film and Video Art), belonging to the Civil Association "Pedro Lemebel Library". The organization of the Paraná Festival is headed by its director, Esteban Amatti.

I - Article 4 The Paraná Festival is recognized by the “International Center for Experimental Film and Video Art Research”, within the category “competitive film festivals”.

I - Article 5 The Paraná Festival intends to make a positive contribution to the development of the culture and film industry.

I - Article 6 All the films presented in the 3rd edition of the PIFF will be chosen by their selection committee, headed by the Festival management and advised by a network of international delegates, made up of a series of professionals, specialists in the world of cinema and film festivals. . It will be called “International Film Classification Committee”

I - Article 7 All the films selected in the 3rd edition will receive a certificate of participation from the direction of the Paraná Festival.

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Photo of Parana Films Festival 2020
Photo of Parana Films Festival 2020
Photo of Parana Films Festival 2020
Photo of Parana Films Festival 2020

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