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31 Aug 2020

Published: 06 Jun 2020
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FIORENZO SERRA FILM FESTIVAL 2020 Award for film productions and ethnographic documentaries Art. 1 – PURPOSE The "Fiorenzo Serra" Visual Anthropology Laboratory, managed by the Department of History, Human Sciences and Education of the University of Sassari (from now on, called "Department") and the Società Umanitaria - Cineteca Sarda (from now on, called “Film Archive“), as part of a project aimed at enhancing public awareness of the director, filmmaker and ethnologist Fiorenzo Serra, announce for the year 2020 the Competition for ethnographic film productions titled “Fiorenzo Serra Film Festival”. The definition “film production" (from now on, “film”) means any audiovisual product, be it a fiction or a documentary film, produced using analogue or digital technologies. The competition aims to promote the production of films that can contribute to the awareness of ethnographic cultural realities through the audiovisual medium and pursues the objective of protecting and implementing, in a scientific and systematic manner, national and foreign audiovisual productions concerning the ethnographic, archaeological, historical, cultural-linguistic and environmental heritages. The competition also has the function of better defining, within the framework of the theoretical-methodological debate of the demo-ethno-anthropological disciplines, not only the important role of visual anthropology, but also the objective of supporting the realization of audiovisual documentation concerning the identity and the cultural specificities of Sardinia, as well as the different national and international social realities. Art. 2 - THEME AND DEADLINE The competition is thematic in nature and, in each edition, will invite to submit films concerning various aspects of Sardinian, national and international ethnographic and historical-cultural realities. The theme of the 2020 edition is "The cultural dimension of food". The deadline for the films submission and the required documentation (see Article 5) is 31 August 2020, at 11.59 pm. The postmark will serve as proof of the date of submission. In this regard, it is advisable to send the required material by a registered parcel with a return ticket. Submissions that although being sent within the established deadline, will not reach the secretariat within seven days after the deadline (i.e., 7 September 2020 at 12:00 am), will not be accepted.

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Photo of Fiorenzo Serra Film Festival
Photo of Fiorenzo Serra Film Festival
Photo of Fiorenzo Serra Film Festival
Photo of Fiorenzo Serra Film Festival

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