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26 Feb 2021

Published: 26 Jun 2020
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Short films

Celebrating Short Films, Television and New Media.
Our mission is to support filmmakers!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have chosen to hold our awards gala and viewing at a later time. We want to ensure that everyone who wishes to participate has the opportunity to feel safe to do so. Thus we have chosen to wait until such time as treatments and hopefully a cure has been discovered. We are not canceling the festival, just prolonging it choosing to error on the side of precaution and health safety.

New Voice Short Film Festival is a unique program offering opportunities to new filmmakers to share their passion with others in their field. With the popularity of the Short Film genre increasing every year, options for festival directors have grown by leaps and bounds as the number of talented and as yet unknown filmmakers increases.

We believe that if the artist has the passion and determination to create the film, the film deserves to be seen. But with most festivals focused on entertaining local audiences, the filmmaker often falls to secondary importance. With New Voice, every film entered is judged on its own merits by our panel of professional industry personnel, helping to encourage and celebrate new and emerging filmmakers being our primary goal. ​

What kind of media we accept: ​

New Voice Short Film Festival is a powerful venue for films, documentaries, new and experimental media, television pilot programs, animation, educational programs, remixes & mashups, movie trailers, music videos (that tell an actual story), and webisodes. Your project should action adventure, biography, comedy, drama, documentary, psychological, romance, and or thriller in genre.

We are seeking three specific categories:

- Super Shorts: Films not more than 10 minutes in length.

- Center Shorts: Films longer than 10 minutes but no more than 25 minutes in length.

- Mega Shorts: Films longer than 25 minutes but no more than 45 minutes in length. ​

Where our filmmakers are from: ​

New Voice Short Film Festival is designed specifically for non-professional, non-union related filmmakers, whether currently at a university or other educational facility, part of a collaborative artists group, or dreamers who are attempting to go it alone. If the filmmaker, writer, director, and/or producer are at least 18 years of age, you are welcome to submit your film project.
Benefits of Participating:

• Being accepted into a traditional film festival can be far more difficult than most might anticipate. Having had a film project accepted to a festival often gives the filmmaker far better credibility when attempting to submit to other festivals.
• Peer Review – our judges are filmmakers who understand the craft and what audiences want.
• Having your film reviewed with feedback respectfully provided helps refine your film making ability so that you can continue to grow as you pursue your dreams.
• Winners of the three categories as well as one Best of Show winner will have their films premiered for public viewing at our premier gala on Thursday March 25, 2021 at the Brookside Golf Club next to the world famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.
*There will be plenty of opportunity to speak with our industry professional judges at the gala, as well as meet other filmmakers who chose to attend.

Notification: ​

Each submission received will be confirmed by Festhome and New Voice administrators via electronic mail.

After judging is completed, winners in all categories will be notified of their award and will be provided additional information such as links to winner’s laurels etc.

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Photo of New Voice Short Film Festival
Photo of New Voice Short Film Festival
Photo of New Voice Short Film Festival
Photo of New Voice Short Film Festival

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