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30 Jun 2021

Published: 02 Jul 2020
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Short films

Everyday Arias film festival specialises in opera and world theatre equivalents in short film format . We welcome short film submissions lasting no more than 20 minutes focusing on an aria or particular aspect of an opera from any period and tradition e.g Chinese opera, Noh, Kathakali etc

Filmmakers usually have the opportunity to screen their films more than once as we often collaborate with other festivals in conjunction with running our own at Close up Cinema in London.

In the past and present we have worked with Hinckley Fringe Opera Festival, Gallery at Republic London, Hyderbad Indywood Film Carnival, SET Chaatts cafe, Opera in the city festival 2018, Beeston Film Festival Cafe Roya

International Festival

Short film festival

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Photo of Everyday Arias
Photo of Everyday Arias
Photo of Everyday Arias
Photo of Everyday Arias

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