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21 Aug 2020

Published: 02 Jul 2020
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FesticineKids 22 is an international festival of children and youth cinema in Cartagena de Indias; it is a film competition that guides its efforts towards strengthening the making and distribution of Colombian, Latin American and world cinema for children and young people. In 2020, FesticineKids reaches its 22nd edition and with the aim of highlighting and celebrating cinema for girls, boys and young people, they have chosen the phrase La Paz esta en ti as a slogan that invites us to tell stories through cinema generators of change in our environment. Stories that create a state of peace in places that are told. The subjects of that place that brings us a space for reflection and meeting with feelings of peace and harmony.

In the construction of the FesticineKids 22 profile, the screen is problematized as a point of confluence for girls, boys and adolescents. By postulating cinema as that scenario in which feelings, emotions and beliefs are expressed, it is intended that girls, boys and adolescents, understanding what cinema evokes, what they extract from it and its meanings, wonder about the place that the cinema has in their lives, in their environment, parallel to the place they want and dream.

It is also an opportunity for adults, parents, teachers, cultural and film authorities to think about the need to strengthen their capacities to be trainers in tension and interaction with the audiovisual media, especially cinema.

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Photo of FesticineKids Cartagena
Photo of FesticineKids Cartagena
Photo of FesticineKids Cartagena
Photo of FesticineKids Cartagena

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