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18 Jun 2021

Published: 06 Jan 2021
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Bucharest Film Awards is a space designed for film professionals and film enthousiasts to foster creativity, expressivity and innovation in the cinematic field. Our mission is to create a platform where both experienced and new filmmakers can share their art, enhance their work and connect to diverse audiences.

Hosted in Bucharest, an iconic city for the Eastern Europe, with an efervescent cultural life, our festival will promote the best films from the online among a public avid to descovering new forms of contemporary art.

The film screenings will be held in 3 of the most inspiring venues in Bucharest:
Qreator by IQOS, Carturesti Verona & Cinema Elvira Popescu, well known among locals and foreigners for creating a favorable athmosphere for exploring promising artistic initiatives.

This year we put the emphasis on Innovation, integrating new forms of expressivity adapted to the 21st century film world. So, beside the film screenings, we have arranged a VR Cinema, Chroma Live Wall for Live CGI, Augmented Reality Screenings, Live Streaming shorts exclusively screened on smartphone platforms and many more!

Come along with us!

Submit now for the 2021 Film Competition!

More details on: www.bucharest-films.com

Bucharest Film Awards promotes short and feature films from around the world with 18 awards in 3 categories. Only films accepted in our Official Selection are eligible to screenings.

All submitted films will be reviewed by a jury of film professionals, that will look for creativity, talent, powerful ideas, quality and attention to details, regardless of the experience of those involved in the creation process and the budget of the submitted works.

The Film Competition will be a 3-day event that will include thematic workshops, live screening events, industry talks and networking cocktails.

In addition to the Film Competition, we created Spotlight with the aim of better promoting the best submitted projects. We will screen the best 10 films submitted in the first 6 months of the year.

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Photo of Bucharest Film Awards
Photo of Bucharest Film Awards
Photo of Bucharest Film Awards
Photo of Bucharest Film Awards

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