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20 Jun 2021

Published: 27 Mar 2021
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Short films

CMF INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL Creative & Visual Challenge International Festival is an annual worldwide visual festival which aims to motivate overseas and CMF short film productions to compete in this FESTIVAL.

The purpose of having CMF INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in India is to give Expression of Freedom to those creative filmmakers who are looking for International exposure.

India is a fast developing country in the world with its multiple cultures, traditions, and spirituality. Chennai is the largest state in the country of India. We, the "CMF INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL" are going to present the art, culture, traditions and the places of tourism interest in the Chennai. A number of people have dedication and passion to produce feature and short films but because of the scarcity of funds and resources, they are unable to find any platform to display their features and short films. We, the "CMF International Film Festival" are going to provide them an International platform to present their unique works to the Global audiences.

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