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15 Jul 2021

Published: 22 Apr 2021
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Amateurs strike back! is the first international film festival of amateur and low budget film to be held in one of the world's oldest cinemas, the Cinema Zvezda in Belgrade, Serbia. Theatre was seized by young film makers, artists and locals during the winter of 2014. in an event known as "the cinema Zvezda occupation" , which was wrote about in Guardian, LA times, Monde and was supported by many regional directors and artists.

Our team will select fifteen films to be screened on the big screen during the festival, which runs from September 3rd to 5th. The audience will vote for the winning film, which will be awarded a cash prize of 250 euros and 7 days of screening in our cinema.

It doesn't matter if you consider yourself the new Andy Warhol or Tommy Wiseau aesthetic is closer to you, we accept underground, trash, experimental, erotic and narrative films made without or with very limited budget !

COVID-19 Note !
None of the "Amateurs strike back" live events will be cancelled !
If there is a rising indications they could be postponed due to the situation, participants will be noticed in advance !

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Photo of Amateurs strike back !
Photo of Amateurs strike back !
Photo of Amateurs strike back !
Photo of Amateurs strike back !

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