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Pilsen, Czech Republic

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31 Jul 2021

Published: 24 Apr 2021
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International Road Movie Festival (IRMF) is a 4-day competitive film festival to be held October 13-16, 2021 in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

IRMF welcomes films from around the world, both from emerging storytellers and professional filmmakers. We encourage submissions from a range of genres including features, documentaries, shorts, student films, and animations. The festival is particularly interested in road movies that embrace the ideas of adventure, traveling and exploring new cultures.

The festival takes place in the magnificent industrial area near the river and the historical center of Pilsen, the European Capital of Culture. Pilsen is less than an hour drive from Prague Airport.

IRMF presents artistically significant films that celebrate human diversity and enrich our understanding of different cultures. IRMF is dedicated to discovering new voices from around the world. Sidebar program includes workshops, masterclasses, concerts and (of course) after parties.

Our mission is to draw attention to and raise the profile of films, that celebrate cultural diversity and bring joy and wonder. We believe that a story driven by an authentic voice has the power not only to inspire, enlighten and entertain but also to awake new ideas, break boundaries and bring new levels of understanding.

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Photo of International Road Movie Fest
Photo of International Road Movie Fest
Photo of International Road Movie Fest
Photo of International Road Movie Fest

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