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10 Nov 2021

Published: 12 Oct 2021
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The tiniest bee hummingbird flits up to five hundred miles in its one continuous flight. Our festival, Hummingbird International Short Film Festival, represents this small bird's ardent determination of transcending boundaries, cooing over the confluences of divergent cultures. Our predominant motto is to seek out vehement, vogue, pertinent short films from across the globe and to showcase the narratives that resonate surpassing geographical lines.

In 2021 - 1st edition, Hummingbird officially collaborated with the British Council and received a BFI Flare package. The festival accepted 150+ films from 30+ countries across the globe. Last year, the festival authorities focused on the LGBTQ category including curated children's films, a few premiers, and a BFI Flare Package but this year they brought more than just one category on the platter.

2nd edition (2022) the film festival has officially partnered with Alliance Française to showcase the best of cinematic narratives for the viewers. It received 200+ films from more than 43 different countries in various categories. The film festival has officially selected 50+ films in exclusive categories including Fiction, LGBTQ+, Animation, Documentary, Video Art, and Human Rights. In 2022 we screened Nauha at the opening which was officially selected at La Cinef of the Cannes Film Festival, 2022. Hummingbird ended with the Clermont Ferrand Special Jury award-winning closing film “La Traction Des Poles” curated by Alliance Française.

Much like the little migratory bird Hummingbird is determined to evolve into a platform for viewers and budding filmmakers. The Hummingbird’s vision is to create a space for all, as the festival founder/ director Rajan Nath said, “The festival’s vision is to strike a rich cultural exchange and give audiences access to global cinema and its subsequent cultural pandora. We also aim to support the representation of indigenous cinema and help young filmmakers understand how international audiences see it.”

HIFF is aware that cinema holds a universal language and that is why they are motivated to provide you with the purest experience of watching global narratives. At our Third edition, we're all set to welcome shorts from all over the world. Bring in your beautiful little wonders.

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Photo of Hummingbird International Film Festival
Photo of Hummingbird International Film Festival
Photo of Hummingbird International Film Festival
Photo of Hummingbird International Film Festival

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