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San Giovanni a Piro, Italy

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31 Jul 2022

Published: 20 Oct 2021
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The city of San Giovanni A Piro, Il Varco and Aedon, are proud to announce the fourth edition of Mondi Lontani Film Festival, formerly known as Scario Short Film Festival.

Mondi Lontani Film Festival in its last screenings saw more than 600 people attending in the main square of the city plus an uncountable number of passerbys on the most populated street of the city during the summer nights.

Our goal is to bring works of art from distant worlds to the heart of Cilento, showing different cultures. We believe in artistic and cultural dissemination as an instrument of education and emancipation of people. We believe that showing distant worlds is the best way to bring everyone closer.

We’re developing a bigger fourth edition thanks to the collaboration with the institutions, planning to show a larger number of quality films in a three-days long event, with a new hybrid format both online and offline:

We are hosting four seasonal calls that will end with an online screening on our platform, selected by our artistic director. The winning films will qualify for the outdoor screening in the main square of San Giovanni a Piro in the summer of 2022 and will compete for the victory of the various prizes, including the cash prize.

Three days of cinema with the best shorts received through this call for entries that we'll select from all over the world, thanks to the collaboration with the staff from cultural associations Il Varco and Aedon. The artistic director is, director and filmmaker whose work has been featured in

- The competition is divided into 4 seasonal editions. At the end of each edition, the 5 selected short films and the 4 selected scripts will be announced and the films will be screened live on our website;
- We will pick two short films and one script among the selected works which will compete in the live event in Scario in the summer of 2022 for all the main prizes;
- The deadlines of the seasonal editions are as follows:
Autumn edition: 19 October 2021 - 11 December 2021
Winter edition: 19 December 2021 - 25 February 2022
Spring edition: 7 March, 2022 - April 28, 2022
Summer edition: 18 May 2022 - 30 July 2022
Live Edition: 26-28 Aug 2022

The city of San Giovanni a Piro is famous for the quality of its waters and its landscapes and for its position in the Gulf of Policastro. Many tourists from all over the world come here on vacation to enjoy the beautiful beaches carved in stone, only accessible through boat service. Clear and transparent water like in a tropical paradise.

Join us for an experience of sea, nature, cinema, art and culture.

See you in San Giovanni a Piro.

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Photo of Mondi Lontani Short Film Fest
Photo of Mondi Lontani Short Film Fest
Photo of Mondi Lontani Short Film Fest
Photo of Mondi Lontani Short Film Fest

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