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15 Mar 2022

Published: 21 Nov 2021
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Bašta Fest is an international short fiction film festival held in Bajina Bašta, Western Serbia. It is an annual event that is taking place during the first weekend of July and it lasts for four days. Due to the profession of the founders (actors Jovan Jelisavčić and Maja Šuša), the festival's main point of interest is a collaboration between directors and actors. We believe that focusing on the quality of that joint artistic effort will have a positive impact on the positioning of Bašta Fest among short film festivals. Bašta Fest is of great importance for the decentralization of culture since it has brought diverse film, music and off program to this beautiful region. One of the priorities of the festival is to promote the incredible natural beauty to a large number of visitors. Nevertheless, our primary goal is to convert this festival into an exciting cultural oasis, which supports local and international young artists, putting emphasis on short fiction films with authenticity. The main selection is a competition short film program, while two films are screened as a part of non-competition, special program every year - one during the opening and one during the closing ceremony. The last to be screened is a Serbian debut feature film, chosen by Bašta fest team as the most successful one in the previous year. The entrance to all screenings at Bašta is free of charge, while they are always being held under the open night skies. There are currently two official festival locations: Borići park and lake Perućac.

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Photo of Bašta fest
Photo of Bašta fest
Photo of Bašta fest
Photo of Bašta fest

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